General Conference (May '11)

This month we have the privileged to review the messages which touched our hearts and spirits during April 2011's General Conference and watch/listen/download/read the ones we maybe missed the first time around.

You can watch, listen, read or download any of the General Conference Messages. You can even download the entire May 2011 Ensign, Spanish, Portuguese or other in PDF version to read on your mobile device if you don't have internet access at all times.

I was able to use my "General Conference Journal Page" (for adults) to take notes during conference, and it totally helped me! I'm for sure doing it every year.

Some of my favorites are as follows:

  1. LDS Women Are Incredible! by Elder Quentin L. Cook {Yes, of course this one was my fave! totally need to review this one again.}

  2. What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye to Be? by Elder Lynn G. Robbins {Because he loves lists too, and a "To Be" list is a great way to stay focused.}

  3. More Than Conquerors through Him That Loved Us by Elder Paul V. Johnson {He really helped me realize that no trial we experience is wasted and I'm learning that trials are what help prepare us for blessings.}

  4. The Holy Temple—a Beacon to the World by President Thomas S. Monson {It's always amazing to hear the many things people go through to get to the Temple and receive those eternal blessings. Helps me realize how blessed I am to now live 15 min away from a Temple, but I used to live 8 hrs away and it's still not as far as many have traveled to get to the Temple. They have amazing desire to overcome trials. So excited there will be a Temple in Rome, Italy. That will give me an excuse to go to Italy!}


  1. I have a hard time visiting teaching. I'm kind of a private person and sometimes feel as if I'm intruding on others' privacy when we make our visits. I realize that visiting teaching is important, but I've never gained a personal testimony of this calling. I have been a Relief Society President and had great difficulty encouraging the sisters in their visiting and relied on my coordinator to guide the sisters through her encouragement and testimony. I tried to focus more on reaching the sisters who had little or no contact with the church and find the lost sheep of His fold.

    I probably am a hopeless case, but I've been given a companion who is strong and feels the importance of visiting teaching and we try to do our visits the first week of the month. Heaven help me!!

  2. To Renee: I can testify to you that Visiting Teaching is an important aspect of the church, and will probably help you often more if not as much as the sister you are visiting! I have experienced this several times, where my partner and I have prepared lessons, and left weeping full of the spirit, due to what the other sister brought to us in the exchange. I strongly believe that just as in tithing, and many commandments, having the faith and doing the work brings forth so many blessings. A little over twenty years ago, I was inactive, and a sister I didn't know persistantly wrote to me. I read the letters and tossed them in a drawer...just not ready, and feeling like a statistic vs someone who was cared about...but that was all in my head. Soon, I received a card with such weak writing...I was alarmed. I was surprised that this sister who obviously was not well, didn't use her illness as an excuse to not write or do her visiting teaching. I needed to meet her, and realized time was of the essence! I have been active ever since. Because of her consistant visiting teaching efforts, I have been going to the temple for many years, doing work for my ancestors and many others. Sure, the majority of my living relatives are not active...but I have some that are. That is pretty good for a convert! I pray you find your testimony of visiting teaching and the passion catches you! Everyone wants to feel loved. We just need to find the right way to express it.

  3. Renee, you are not a hopeless case. I am sure many sisters feel the same way you do. Visiting teaching is not about intruding on others lives, it is loving the sisters and caring for them. May I suggest that in your daily prayers that you ask the Lord to help you gain a testimony of this important work. It may not be a easy road for you or others like you to gain a testimony of visiting teaching but if you truly seek the testimony you will find it.