Influencing the Rising Generation 5x7

I'm so excited to share the wonderful talents of Sister Caitlan Gray with you sisters, she designed a Visiting Teaching handout to enhance this month's message. She is the owner of a design site called The Wandering Eye Project. She is multi-talented and uber organized. With her design and caring skills, she has focused on a few things for her site Charity, Colors & Hues, Graphics for Girls & my favorite, Monthly Messages. She says this in reference to her Monthly Messages:
The idea for Monthly Message has been in the making for quite some time. As a visiting teacher myself, I have always like to take a quote that goes along with the visiting teaching message. A little something that they can keep or throw out… whatever. So I decided to share. The Monthly Message that we design is yours to print and take along to the ladies that you visit each month. Compliments of The Wandering Eye Project.

She has designed this beautiful one for us Visiting Teachers here on I really appreciate her doing that all while she was also in the process of moving. She is AMAZING! How she could design this printable and move her family is inspiring. She loves to help you with your design projects, so contact her if you need anything like that. Thank you Cait from The Wandering Eye Project.
She asks a great question... and used this quote on her design:

How am I influencing the rising generation? "When we know who we are and who God is and we have made covenants with Him, we—like these mothers of warriors—will have great influence for good." - Julie B Beck.

Download this Visiting Teaching Handout

Click on this PDF link or click on the JPG image below.

1. Download the 5x7 JPG or PDF file.
2. Print in Color at your favorite photo printing store in 5x7. (i.e. costco, walmart, etc..) or If you choose not to print in color, you can print it in Black onto white cardstock. Just use a black and white printer, instead of a color one.
3. Visit your sisters and gift it to them.

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  1. I loved this post card I am looking for better ways to be a good visiting teacher and loved this! Thanks so much