Charity in Action 4.5x6 PostCard

Our Sister Kassidy, from Bow Peep Creations has created a nice bright and fun printable for January. (You ladies are getting a lot of options this month!) She is just wonderful, she designed a cute printable for December 2011 and with everything going on, I never got around to sharing it with you sisters. Yes, I will have to upload it soon. But, I for sure wanted to make sure I got this one out to you. Her business, Bow Peep Creations, designs amazing products, things for Young Women, Primary, Family Home Evening, Holidays, Kids, Jewelry, and my favorite things she makes are for us Visiting Teachers, which she makes to help with each month's message.

Kassidy used a quote from President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency:
“Charity [means] far more than a feeling of benevolence,” taught President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency. “Charity is born of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and is an effect of His Atonement.” For Relief Society sisters, visiting teaching can be charity in action, an important way to exercise our faith in the Savior.

After I saw her printable I totally wanted to throw a CIA or "Charity in Action" party with that cute bunting banner. ;) oooo I think I do like that title, CIA workshop. So many ideas flowing there! Anyways...that's just me brainstorming. You can ignore my ranting.

Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download this 4.5x6 JPG here or by clicking the image below to download the PDF.

1. Download the 4.5x6 JPG or the 2-up PDF.
2. Print the PDF in Color at home or the JPG at your favorite photo printing store. (i.e. costco, walmart, etc..) Make sure to reduce the image to fit the 4x6, you will have white on the sides.
3. Cut them out.
4. Write a message on the back if desired.
5. Gift it to the sisters you Visit Teach and include a copy of the whole talk so the sisters can read it. :)

She has one of the most darling Visiting Teaching Kits she is selling on her site if you'd rather let her do all the work for ya. She is even including a free Contact Card which she will edit for you and include you and your companion's info on it.

Visiting Teaching Handouts & Gifts January 2012


  1. Thanks once again, I loved the quote by Pre. Eyring. Thanks for your hard work and so I dont have to go empty handed!

  2. My husband has just been called to serve as branch president in a spanish branch; I will be serving as relief society president. Do you happen to have the above pictured note card with spanish text?