Reality VT: Do I need a memorable Visiting Teacher?

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When I asked a group of Sisters who their FAVORITE Visiting Teachers were & why? A couple of the responses saddened me but also inspired me.

Sandra said, "I wish I could but in all the years I have been a member I haven't a v.t. In my home long enough to have one good story."

Edie said, "Favorites.....the ones that come."

Why do I feel sad for the Sisters who don't have memorable Visiting Teachers? It's good they are consistent, but why not memorable? 

Is it because my 1st Visiting Teacher was my guardian angel who helped me remember I am a Daughter of God who loves me and I wish everyone could have someone like her?
Is it because I have also gone without any Visiting Teachers at all?
Is it because I need a memorable story to be a good Visiting Teacher myself?
Is it because I've had sisters visit me in the past who I only saw once every other month?
Is it because I've had amazing consistent and thoughtful Visiting Teachers who have served me and my family especially in difficult times and I wish I could be like them?
Is it because I wish I could be a better Visiting Teacher and know that I could be doing better to help them grow in their testimonies of our Savior?
Is it because I know I could be a better Visiting Teacher and I'm not for some reason, excuse or another? Maybe a little bit of everything.

What are some things I can do to strengthen those bonds of friendship with the sisters I Visit Teach? with my Companion too? to help our visits be more memorable and more effective in the lives of the Sisters we Visit Teach? Not so they can brag about us and make us feel awesome, but so they can feel soooooo loved that they too will be inspired to be better Visiting Teachers and when they share  stories with others about how they were loved it can help inspire more sisters to Come Unto Christ through Visiting Teaching as well!
Sandra went on to say "But the other side of the coin is I love being a v.t."

Sandra really nailed it! Why does she love it? What a testament of the kind of sister she is. She only needs the Savior's example to know how to serve others, I can learn a lot from Sandra. I know she won't wish herself an awesome Visiting Teacher, but how I pray she'll be blessed by a VTer just like her someday, together they will truly be blessed by their love for our Savior.
In a General Conference address titled "What Thinks Christ of Me?" in April 2012 ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSEN Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said "discipleship is not a competition at all but an invitation TO ALL." (emphasis added)

Elder Andersen goes onto say, 'Even with His love for all mankind, Jesus reprovingly referred to some around Him as hypocrites,4 fools,5 and workers of iniquity.6 He approvingly called others children of the kingdom7 and the light of the world.8 He disapprovingly referred to some as blinded9 and unfruitful.10He commended others as pure in heart11 and hungering after righteousness.12 He lamented that some were faithless13 and of the world,14 but others He esteemed as chosen,15 disciples,16 friends.17 And so we each ask, “What thinks Christ of me?”'

It's not about what my Visiting Teacher does or doesn't do. It's about what I'm doing as a Visiting Teacher! 

What does Christ think of me as a Visiting Teacher? How can I become a better disciple of Christ? I can think of a few things I'm not doing on a daily basis that will help me. What has helped you?

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  1. I love being a Visiting Teacher and testify it is program designed by Deity. The most important experience I want to bring to my sisters is for them to feel the Saviors' love for them. If they feel the Spirit when we meet then I know I've served my sister and my Savior. There's no sweeter experience.
    As I meet with my sisters I fall in love with them. What a great blessing this has been to me.
    My companion and I pray for His direction and inspiration before going to
    visit. Then we put ourselves aside and listen to them and listen for promptings. Acting on those promptings is crucial.
    If we were to jump in to tell our stories or give our opinion we would miss out on so much. This is the time when our sisters teach us about who they are and what their needs are.
    Really listening is one of the best gifts we can give them. I've had many VTs in the past that are so anxious to be heard that they never hear me. I need my VT sisters to hear me when they come to visit. I want to share with them my testimony. I want them to love me unconditionally.
    Everyone wants to be loved and what a great opportunity we have as VT to share our love and the love of the Savior with them. We do that by being consistent in our visits, listening to them, bringing the Spirit with us and serving them in any way we can. It can be large or small but if we do it with a loving heart, they will know it.
    VT is providing invaluable service to our RS President as well. We are her eyes and ears, bringing back to her what she needs to know about the ward sisters and families.
    Don't be afraid to give yourself. It's really simple. Show up every month. Bring the Spirit with you. Serve and love them.
    If you have a sister who isn't willing to receive this blessing, pray for them, send them cards and drop off little gifts. But never, never give up on them. It could be my daughter and I pray for her everyday that good people will come into her life and help her to return home to the Savior.