We are His Hands (4x6)

I'm pretty sure that my official month to start the new year is actually February. I do this so many times, the urge to improve hits me in Feb, not Jan. Probably because its my birthday month, but most likely because I'm a procrastinator. Every year around this time I start feeling like I want to do something to help me become who The Lord needs me to become and who I have expected myself to become. (Story for another time.) Gradually I start heading the direction the end of Jan to beginning of Feb.

You know the direction... First you think of a theme for the year. Mine didn't come right away but to be honest I had been pondering what my theme would be. First it started with a YW lesson the 1st Sunday of the year, how I wish these girls could truly know who they are and know their worth, even the sisters I serve with struggle with that too. Why is he so in our face?! Anyways, it was further enhanced by a conference I got to go to with my hubby because he was streaming it online. It was forming as I talked with others and made friends but then really discovered it while "texting" my sister missionary. Texting is AKA writing her an email reply as she replied to me while I was still on the computer so I could reply quickly. Anyways, as she told me her experiences and then requested I become texting buddies with a sister she met on her mission, I remembered the scripture from our Mutual Theme in 2009 "Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." (Joshua 1:9). I of course said I would, I didn't have any shame reaching out to her, what's the worst that can happen? She doesn't reply or want to be friends, she doesn't know me anyways, so nothing lost and nothing gained, so SURE! I'll try and be her friend, TRUE I don't just give up that easily anyways, but she doesn't know that. LOL That was the reason I was so brave to talk with others, because I don't normally do that. Then I was thinking Carpe Diem. That was something they talked about at the conference, to Seize the Day and don't be shy to talk with others about the products they were selling. Of course I applied it to not being shy to talk about the Gospel!

That's when it came to me! My motto for the year is "No Shame!" or in other words CONFIDENCE, or even different more scriptural words, "be of a courage!" Why though? Because, if I truly believe the scripture, instead of just knowing about it (my sweet friend reminds me there is a difference), and I do, then I can't deny that The Lord is with me everywhere I go!!!! He will especially be with me when I'm serving & talking to others about The Gospel. And then I loved it, it fit perfectly, it stretches me, it motivates me, it makes me happy, and now it's my motto for 2014 and Jan 2015, right since I obviously don't expect myself to get inspired until Feb 2015 for next year's motto.

After deciding on a theme for my year, this quote really stood out to me from the February 2014 Visiting Teaching Message:

"Step up and serve" - Thomas S. Monson, “Heavenly Homes, Forever Families,” Ensign, June 2006, 102.

Now that I am going to have more courage, I need to get out and serve!

I tried to design something with that quote and it just didn't work out the way I had hoped it would, soooo I took a different quote that I liked, which basically had the same meaning and designed these instead, to remind me!

Quote says:

“We are the Lord’s hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children.” - President Thomas S Monson - “What Have I Done for Someone Today?” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2009, 86.

The hand is a collage of words which describe acts of service which we can do for others, others in our family and others outside of our family and also includes other words which can spark ideas of ways to serve or situations and places of where I could serve. Examples include: love, visit, friend, note, flowers, listen, etc...


I just realized Pres. Monson said both of those statements about serving, he's a perfect real life example of selfless service and the joy it brings when we do serve.

Download 4x6 The Lord's Hands:

Download this month's The Lord's Hands printable in JPG format for printing and give them to the sisters you Visiting Teach & families Home Teach, favorite missionary or anyone for free by clicking the image link  below. I designed 2, one for putting up in Feb and one for March if you'd rather do that just give your sisters a head start.



  1. Click on image & download it. (it's a jpg)

  2. Print it 4x6 (you might need to adjust your printer settings because if printed at 100% it might be too big), in color on thick cardstock or take/upload the image (jpg file) to your local print shop and have them print it 4x6 on  photo paper like you would regular pictures. Like at Costco, Walmart, Target, etc.


If you're like me you'll also want to include a treat,as you can see I'm a procrastinator, it's a weakness of mine. I've partnered up with my Chocolatey friend Jennie from The Truffle Cottage! She's made some yummy chocolate to help sweeten your visits and let the sisters know you love them. Pick it up for free if you're in Pleasant Grove, UT or have her ship them to you!  Jennie's treat won't let you forget to Visit Teach since you'll be uber prepared and eager to get it to your sisters. Photo and treat are included in her set, ready to gift! In fact she could even have it shipped directly to your sisters, missionaries or whomever needs this wonderful message, just order each one separately if you plan to do that.

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