1st General Women's Meeting

So excited for our first ever LDS General Women's Meeting!!! As you know they have previously either been for Young Women from ages 12yrs and up or just Relief Society Women 18yrs and up. This year however, it's going to be for all women, young women and girls 8yrs and older!! That is so wise. I already know so many mother's who have shared stories and quotes from those conferences with their daughters anyways. See the official announcement here! (Sure, that does mean I had plenty of time to design this and hadn't, but that also means you had time to do it too, and yet here we are. LOL, no worries) AND the best news is we will have 2 each year. OK let's be honest, I listen to all of them anyways even when I wasn't a YW Leader. Why? because well, I love to hear the words of our latter-day Prophet & Apostles, I always learn so much and find comfort and strength in the Lord. :)

I'm making it a Girls Night Out (GNO) with my mom, we will get dinner before hand and then go see the broadcast at our Stake Center (mainly because I also want to see my girls), and then go get dessert somewhere. ;) I rarely get mother daughter time with my mom now that I'm all grown up, ok well it was rare when I was younger too since she was a single mom and had 2 jobs. Well...I'm so looking forward to it!

So getting to the point here, I've created this flyer super last min to spread the word in our ward just yesterday and wanted to share it here. If you need it, download it and use it, if it's too late, don't worry, because I'll have time to edit the info before the Sept/Oct Conference and provide it for ya then sooner. ;) Or so we hope!

The Gospel is true and I can't wait until March 29th @6pm!

Download 4.25x5.5 General Women's Meeting Flyer:

Download the JPG format and share the image on your phone or facebook/instagram page with the sisters you Visiting Teach & families Home Teach, with your favorite sister missionary, even your child would love this too by clicking the image link below and selecting to save the image onto your phone or computer.


  1. Click on single image (JPG) & the 4-Up (PDF) & download it. JPG was meant to be shared, pinned, emailed!

  2. Print the 4-up PDF on regular paper and make copies, then cut them evenly and delivery them around to the sisters in the ward.

(NOTE: This image is not sized to print 4x6, because it is meant to be copied in your Building's library copier to keep your costs down.)

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