Jesus Christ Subway Art

After 2.5yrs, 3 Young Women Girls Camps later & finally completing the YW Personal Progress Program myself at 34yrs old, I come to you a changed woman. I will miss those sweet spirits, those amazing daughters of God we got to serve. They will each hold a special place in my heart forever! That calling has made me more compassionate, more understanding, definitely more courageous, even more determined and more committed to not just my family but to the Lord's work here on the Earth. I'll forever be grateful for this experience, which I must admit I never thought I'd be trusted with. The Lord sure has His own ways of helping us grow and get to know who we really are. And I for one know, without a doubt that, I am a daughter of God who loves me and I love love love Him.

A while back I posted this status on Facebook.
"I believe in Jesus Christ! That about sums it up right there. #ComeUntoChrist"
Then I received this comment from a sweet friend who is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
"With all due respect, that's like saying "I believe in [Insert Name of Any Historical Figure Here]." So rather than say that, why not peel the onion back a whole bunch and get to to the core, because anyone can state that they believe that someone once roamed the planet, right? What do you really mean when you write that for all of us to see?"
Smart guy huh? So, here was my reply. (Mind you 2.5 yrs ago it would have been very different, I probably would have just ignored it and kept on going with my life, but so grateful for the growth that comes from learning from our sweet youth.)
"Ah [omitted friend's name], I love that!!! I agree, with you completely! So here's the, WHY. I believe in Christ, He is God's Son. I believe He came to earth to do His father's work. I believe He raised the dead & He healed the sick, He found the spiritually lost, He served others, forgave sins, loved everyone. I believe in Christ because He is constant and never changes. I believe He is my Savior & my Hero because He died for my sins so that my non perfect self, could become perfect through Him and could live with God and my family forever. I believe Christ died and was resurrected in 3 days and lives in Heaven with God until He comes again to earth to rule & reign. I believe Him when he says follow Him and I will find peace and joy, because I have and do. I believe in Christ because He keeps His promises! I believe in Christ because He is the only way which will bring life! He is the truth and the light. I believe in Christ because life is meaningless and pointless without Him in it! I believe in Christ because He saves me from Satan's grasps everyday! I believe in Christ because by following Him I can be free to be me! The best me I can be! And the best me, means I'm able to love you! Thanks for being a great example to me and helping me to see that belief in Christ is always simple if you know the why."
I actually really appreciated his comment and request to clarify and of course I jumped at the opportunity to share my testimony with him but also with all of my FB family & friends. Glad I did too because now this past week Elder David A. Bednar just spoke at BYU Education Week about this very thing. (I LOVE BYU EDU WEEK!!!) Flooding the earth with goodness (#ShareGoodness) and "messages with righteousness and truth." My post had been simple and look at what it elicited? Great missionary opp right there! So, now I post my testimony here to share it with the world or at least one more person, YOU. Not saying that you need to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to believe in Jesus Christ, several different faiths and religions believe in Christ, which is fantastic. I just wanted to be perfectly clear that for me being a "Mormon" is how I come to know Christ a little better than if I weren't. I love the Bible but absolutely love the Book of Mormon. It's the best thing I've ever read and fills me with hope and peace anytime I do. Read about and take the #ShareGoodness challenge from Elder Bednar.
I designed this Subway Art back in December of 2012 as a gift to all of my neighbors for Christmas. I share it now with an added title, "Lamb of God" with you to enjoy! I added "Lamb of God" because, there's this amazing orchestra, choir and singing performance by Rob Gardiner which I was able to attend 2 yrs in a row and it's touched my heart in ways I never thought possible. So inspiring & moving and has strengthened my testimony and my family's testimony.
I only included all of these titles, there are so many more but as you can see I didn't want to make the text even smaller already: Jesus, Christ, Redeemer, Messiah, Alpha & Omega, Son of God, Jehovah, Light of the World, Wonderful, Prince of Peace, Lamb of God, Only Begotten, Holy One, Savior, Risen Lord, King of Kings, Immanuel, Creator & Savior.

Download 5x7 Jesus Christ Subway Art:

Download this printable in JPG format for printing or the PDF and give them to the sisters you Visiting Teach or even families you Home Teach, favorite missionary or anyone for FREE by clicking the image link  below.

  1. Click on image on the left & download it. (it's a jpg). Click on the Image on the right to download the PDF with 2 on a page.
  2. Print it 5x7 (you might need to adjust your printer settings because if printed at 100% it might be too big), Print it Black & White on Smooth Bright White Cardstock or take/upload the image (jpg file) to your local print shop and have them print it 5x7 on photo paper like you would regular pictures. Like at Costco, Walmart, Target, etc. The PDF you can print from home or a copy shop on the smooth cardstock. Smooth is sometimes called "laser" or "Laser paper" or "Laser Cardstock."
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