Oct 2014 #LDSConf Reading Chart

I love watching, reading, listening & re-reading the inspired words of Prophets, Apostles and other General Authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It’s something that brings peace and strength to my life. I loved this story which President Dieter F Uchtdorf shared during Women’s Conference in 2014. I just love love LOVE IT and have to share it! He expresses so much love from the Lord here in this talk (seriously if your sisters need a boost, have them read/watch/listen to this talk!) he also helps us understand how we as Visiting Teachers need to serve.

“A single mother of two small children recently came down with chicken pox. Of course, it wasn’t long before her children got sick as well. The task of caring for herself and her little ones alone was almost too much for the young mother. And, as a result, the normally spotless house became cluttered and messy. Dirty dishes piled up in the sink, and laundry piled up everywhere else.
While she was struggling with crying children—and wanting to cry herself—a knock came at the door. It was her visiting teachers. They could see the young mother’s distress. They could see her house, her kitchen. They could hear the cries of the children.
Fortunately, these sisters were true disciples of Christ. They noticed their sister’s needs and put their many talents and their experience to work. They cleared up the chaos, brought light and clarity into the home, and called a friend to bring over some much-needed groceries. When they at last finished their work and said their good-byes, they left that young mother in tears—tears of gratitude and love. From that moment on, the young mother’s opinion of visiting teaching changed. “I know,” she said, “that I am not just a check mark on someone else’s to-do list.”
Yes, visiting teachers need to be faithful in making their monthly visits, all without missing the most important why behind this commandment: to love God and fellowmen.” – Pres. Deiter F Uchtdorf – General Conference Oct 2014 – Living the Gospel Joyful

I want to be like those sisters! In an effort to track my General Conference reading I’ve created this General Conference Reading chart to help me know which one’s I’ve read and how many times. It’s not fancy but I figured I should share it with you. LOL and if you’re like me, I have faves and will get caught up in reading or listening to those so many times that I forget there were other things I needed to learn. So, I want to make sure I’m keeping myself well versed in all of General Conference! ;)
Here’s the Chart! It’s PDF just download it, print it, and pin it up! I put mine somewhere I can see it. You can also put it in your journal when you’re done so you can see what you’ve accomplished. Oh and one more thing, I added a “Shared” column, there’s always at least 1 person I need to share a talk with and this will help me remember if I’ve already shared it with that person.

Click on Image to Download PDF:

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