22 LDS.org Vemes (Video Quotes)

I just love these! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has designed these vemes (short video quotes, all less than 30 seconds) from our last General Conference held October 2015, for our benefit and to encourage us to #ShareGoodness. I just love how the Savior uses technology to further His work and allows us the same privileges. He is literally giving us the tools we need, at our fingertips, we have no excuse not to take advantage of them, especially with the sisters we have been blessed to Visit Teach.
  1. Just click the video you'd like to share and a window pops up.
  2. Choose to download any size of the video and save it to your phone or computer.
  3. Or click to share a link or copy the link to the video using the controls on the top right of the screen. Share it on your facebook wall or wherever you can add a link! So many options to spread the joy of the Gospel.
View Video quotes in EnglishSpanish and Portuguese.

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