#LDSConf Visiting Teaching (Nov ’15)

“185th Semiannual General Conference,” Ensign/Liahona, Oct 2015
One of my favorite months out of the whole year for Visiting Teaching! Getting to choose messages to share with my sisters is so fantastic because each one needs a little something different and because of that I get to review all of the talks from #LDSConf to help me know which one will be best for them. Sure it’s a crazy amount of talks to review, but in the end I’m the one who really benefits anyways because I always learn so much from reviewing several talks.
I’ve now participated in the #30DaysOfConference on Instagram/Facebook challenge. Which means I read/listened to a talk or 2 a day until General Conference starting 3o days before conference. It’s a new fave tradition of mine!! What better way to remember the messages from previous conf to prepare for the upcoming messages from the Lord.
General Conference live always beats a recorded General Conference. It’s just what my spirit needs and my 6yr old son taught me that lesson this time around. He gave up playing a basketball game with a team where his friends were playing to be able to watch General Conference LIVE! What an exemplary child we have been blessed with. If one has a desire to watch non-essential things live which are usually several times a year anyways, watching General Conference live should be an easy choice right?  Those are the messages the Lord is delivering to our hearts and souls, why delay those any longer? I’m grateful my son decided that because I would have gone to support him of course, to watch him play, but instead we got all be together for General Conference weekend and heard the most beautiful talks ever given in the history of talks. This past #LDSConf was what I needed to hear, each and every single one of them. I can just feel the love of the Lord oooooozing from our projector screen, as if we were sitting in our living room listening to the Lord. His words through His chosen mouthpieces.
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The Church says this: “Because the November Liahona and Ensign contain a report of the October 2015 general conference, there is not a specifically designated First Presidency Message or Visiting Teaching Message for November. Home and visiting teachers are encouraged to prayerfully select their message from the addresses given during general conference.”
Visit the general conference website to read, watch, or listen to conference addresses.
They make it really easy for us to find and search and find the conference talks which will best help the sisters we visit teach here’s a list of topics covered: