Angels, our Associates Contact Cards

"If you live up to your privilege, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates" Joseph Smith 1

Here's a little something cute, simple & fun which I can give to the sisters my companion and I visit teach so they can remember us! Nope...doesn't say to call us when she needs anything, however I'm really hoping the Super Hero Cape & Angel Sister should be at least 2 signs that we can do anything and will endure anything to bless her life. 

Love that quote from the prophet Joseph Smith. What could be better than being surrounded by angels who desire to help our sisters even more than we desire to help them. And as we help our sisters we will be endowed with even more power and capacity to withstand our own daily struggles and be blessed by angels ourselves. Seems like a win, win! 

Included on Visiting Teaching Contact Card: 

  • Name = know this one. 
  • Cell = Not that I need to say, but please exchange cell numbers so you can text her pics and quotes and little notes reminding her she is loved. I mean don't wait for this card to be printed. LOL Have you tried the Ward Tools App? We seriously have no excuses!
  • Email = Honestly some people still check their email, for realz.
  • See Pics = Really the fun way to get to know sisters is to see pics of what they are up to, right? Now there are so many ways to view people's pics on different social media accounts. Pic one and put your own "@name" on there. Then if she's on FB, Instagram, Flickr, SnapChat, or whatever, she'll still be able to find at least one of your accounts and get to know you. 

  1. Click on the down arrow icon to download the file to your computer. 
  2. or Right click on the image and select "save image as."  
  3. Upload it and have your fave print shop print some for you. I use Walmart 1 hr Photo, because I practically live there!
  4. Write on there with a super thin sharpie.
Love ya!

Sources cited:
1. - Joseph Smith, in Relief Society Minute Book, Nauvoo, Illinois, Apr. 28, 1842, Church History Library, 38; spelling, punctuation, and capitalization standardized as needed in all excerpts from this minute book.