Conversation Starters: Box vs Jar?

There are a lot of printable questions out there! Yes, I KNOW! I've printed lists of questions from Pinterest, cut them up and put them in a jar too. 

Jars of free printable conversation starters (in case you want to try them out): 
I love them and they are totes adorbs and everything, but I've found those still aren't organized enough for this OCD brain of mine, where's the discard pile to start over down the road, I don't want to keep pulling the same ones out and I do NOT want to throw away my hard earned paper and cutting time. The Hubs purchased a set of 80 for us for Christmas. It's super cute, but again, the discard pile? I had to keep turning the box upside down to get a new one and put the old one back into the cute circle box. Doesn't seem like a big deal to a normal human, I'm sure, until you're the designated person asked to keep getting a new one. ;) 

Don't take my word for it, try the free ones out first, because you won't appreciate the convenience of this one, until you do. You'll see, once one goes through some conversation paper strips, one requires a more advanced system, because kids love more than one question at a time at one meal, especially when they are so fun! Plus... our TableTalkCards have 275 questions!

When you're done with the card, just conveniently tuck the card behind the other cards in the back of the box and keep on going, you won't get a repeat until you've asked all 275! It's just easier and faster which makes it more fun! Plus, you'd need a pretty huge jar to fit this many questions on your table. 

Questions are collated together to create a well rounded set of conversations throughout the year.
Set includes 275 cards. 
For 2+ players, great for all ages, basically anyone who can read and communicate and you'll enjoy the faith based questions ones as well. 

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