Pinewood Derby Floor Plans 2016

In my ward (ward is what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints calls a congregation of about 300-350 local members), I've been called to serve as Cub Master for our Pack 22. I love those boys! I've been serving for about 2 yrs now. This is my 3rd Pinewood Derby and my son's 4th one (LOL he started back when he was 5, you can't make me a Cub Master and think I was going to exclude our son who was more excited for me to have that calling than I was. He's an actual Tiger now, with the Community Pack so he raced there and in ours too).

We just had our Pinewood Derby Race yesterday! (Wikipedia says, "The pinewood derby is a racing event for Cub Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America. Cub Scouts, with the help of parents, build their own cars from wood, usually from kits containing a block of pine, plastic wheels and metal axles.)
Huge Success!! Cubs had fun as we raced their cars. That's what it's about, these boys!

I have more pictures and more posts will follow about each of the different details, but for this post I want to dedicate it to just my Pinewood Derby Floor Plan. Because let's face it, I love it and couldn't have done it without it. hand drawings would never have gotten things right.

The Pinewood Derby Floor Plan 2016


After searching everywhere online and not finding exactly what we wanted/needed, I decided to try Google Drawings for the first time and I loved it! So it's what I used to layout the Gym of our Church for our Pinewood Derby. Besides being a list person, I'm also a very visual person and needed it to be laid out before we could even try and set anything up at the church and it made it really easy to see how many people we would need as helpers and supplies we needed to get.

Includes Bonus Instant Replay: 

This Pinewood Derby Floor Plan (Includes the Bonus Instant Replay Setup with 1 Laptop, 2 TVs, 2 Cameras and a switcher). You'll need a Video Professional for this! (Ok maybe 2 because it's an intense job.) So grateful to have had Mustache Power Productions volunteer to come and manage that for us, the families just loved it so much! He also happens to be my husband, so it's double win for me to get to be married to such a talented man & have a ONE-OF-A-KIND / NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN / HIGH TECH Pinewood Derby! Everyone comes out to these events, even boys and parents who don't normally make it to Den Meetings or Church as often, so it's a treat to be able to see everyone and cheer everyone on!

Download Pinewood Derby Floor Plan 1

Click image to download PDF.

Derby Stuff Needed:

  • Race Track (Borrow or Rent a track. You’ll need 3 helpers or more just to set it up)
  • Awards (I like to race & award each Den and find the Winner, 2nd & 3rd places, then take the top 3 winners from every Den and race them to find the overall Winner. You can decide to buy or make trophies or buy or make medals for each depending on your budget.)
  • Check-in (Forms, Ruler, Scale, Pencils)
  • Tables & Chairs (Hopefully your event location will provide these, our church always has those available for us to use.)
  • Tournament Management: Laptop w/ wifi (To manage Scoring, I loved using, one of our awesome Bear Den leaders used it last year and it was AMAZING so we decided to use it this year too. Also side took us like 10 min to figure out how to make the brackets, it's so easy. #1 tip: make the brackets or whatever you plan to keep track of the races ready and set-up before you get to the Derby. See sample brackets we made here: Wolf, Bear, Webelos, because it's free there are ads, but so far we didn't see any inappropriate ads.)
  • Category Certificates/ Ribbons (have a list of categories to choose from, cubmaster will not have time for this!)
  • Judges (2 judges awarding categories using the categories list., i.e. Best Theme, Most Carved, Most Out of this World, etc...)
  • Repair Shop (Hot Glue gun, power drill, drill bits, tape, pennies, extra wheels & nails, markers)
  • Helmet & Mic (helmet is super cool and a mic because it's an obvious item needed for the CubMaster!)
  • Extension Cords
  • Games for Non-Racers: Train Station, Cheering Station & Hot Wheels Track
  • Volunteer Sign-up Sheet: I love using Sign-up Genius whenever I need volunteers for anything. I can email and text the link and people can sign up on the computer or on their phones and then the system just emails them reminders. Here's the sign-up I created and sent out! 


  • Themed Table Cloths or colored ones, if they all match that'd be awesome but sometimes the CubScout Budget or our own personal budget won't allow for it. 
  • Table/Station Signs
  • (Train Station, Cheering Station, Hot Wheels Racing, Pit Stop, Repair Shop, Check-in, Hall of Fame, Pinewood Derby 2016.)
  • Food Title Tents (i.e. spare tires, fuel, gas, indie racers, dip sticks…)
  • 12 Balloons without Helium (stick to the walls)
  • 6 Balloons w/ Helium (tables not by a wall)
  • Checkered Duct Tape! (To put on pens, pencils, clip boards, or down the table as a runner, whatever you want!
  • Pendants (the triangle black and white racing pendants that you hang on a wall, aka super long banners. We borrowed several from another Cub Master so we didn't have to buy any.)
  • Used Tires (from local tire shop, I borrowed some last year and they said I could take as many as I wanted and then I dropped them back off when I was done, wear gloves and grubby clothes when handling used tires.)

BONUS Instant Replay: 

This was actually useful because for some reason I'd forget to check who won the race and I'd need the replay to verify the winners of the race. So it's a nice backup! Mustache Power Productions volunteered equipment & time, since our boy is in CubScouts & the owner is my hubs too! (Ignore the cords, I didn't take a picture of all of it setup and so this is during take down. You'll want to tape the cords down.)
  • 1-2 Video Professionals (My hubs was able to do all of it but he said it would have been much easier with 2)
  • 2 TVs w/ extension cords
  • 2 Cameras (2 angles of course!)
  • 1 Laptop (to manage camera shots)
  • Lots of Cords (There's no way I could list this out, LOL, you'll want to hire someone or ask a dad or older brother to do it for you.) 

Pinewood Derby Floor Plan #2

Here's the floor plan without the Bonus Instant Replay Supplies listed, with seating adjusted for viewing. Yes, you'll still get kids sitting on the floor by the end of the track, no matter how many times you tell them to move. LOL And that's why my hubby thought to use those instant replay monitors! But here's the floor plan without them because I know not everyone has someone who can do that for them. Normally that kind of setup and time commitment would cost approx. $1,000. 

Click on the image to download the PDF.

Duration of the Derby: 

We have a pack of 21 cubs. We said Check-in @5pm, we started flag ceremony at 5:45pm, Raced (Wolves, Bears, Webelos, Tigers & found the overall winner), gave out awards and certificates, had closing flag ceremony and still ended @6:50pm. Remember, you can't plan to have anything else besides your Pinewood Derby, (no arrow of light ceremonies, no rank advancements or awarding loops, they will take more time.) You could save maybe 15 min if you started flag ceremony at 5:30pm, but we needed a little extra time for last min check-in and adjustments. We don't do check-ins the night before because a whole lot of people have keys to the building and don't want to risk losing cars. 

I loved this floor plan and it helped us stay a little more organized and sane. Not perfect I know but every little bit helps. Next derby I will be even more prepared and who knows what else we will add to make it even better for the boys and their families.

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God speed!