10+ LDS Scripture Reading Charts

If you're anything like me, you'll need a cute or maybe just super organized list/chart to help you "search the scriptures diligently." Sure, there are those times when I have no charts to choose from after a search online, so I end up needing to create one. {Like this one for the 10 Day Book of Mormon Challenge because no one else has created one. It's not surprising, it is pretty intense and also a little on the crazy side.} I have found some which just track progress in any amount of time you choose to read and one in 90 days. I've listed the good ones here with their respective websites so you all can decide which one best fits your needs and even the needs of the sisters you Visit Teach. Click on the images to download the PDFs. They are LDS scripture reading charts for The Book of Mormon, The Holy Bible both Old & New Testaments, the Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine & Covenants.

1. LDS Scripture Reading Charts (all 4) by: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

2. Book of Mormon Reading Chart in shape of a Temple (2-up) by: LDSSeminary.org

3. Scripture Reading Chart Bookmarks (all 4) by: Rachel Woods at About.com - Print Old Testament double sided.

4. Book of Mormon Reading Chart for Stickers by: Lacey Lou
5. Book of Mormon Reading Chart in 90 Days by: Rachel Woods at About.com
6. Book of Mormon Reading Chart full page by: Mary Zotz on SugarDoodle
7. Unique for child Scripture & Prayer Chart by: Anonymous designer shared on SugarDoodle.
 8. Colorful New Testament Scripture Reading Charts by Rachel Evans Davis

9. Book of Mormon Stories Reading Chart by Megan Templeton
10. Structural chapter reading chart: The New Testament & Old Testament by Nathan Richardson.

Aren't these charts so fun? I'm pretty sure I'll be using those New Testament & Old Testament Charts from Bro. Richardson soon. I love how much other people love the scriptures! If you have created your own chart and want to share it with others here, contact me and attach your file so I can post it here for you, as well as provide a link back to your site should you want one. ;)

Also this site: https://asc.pixelofink.com/
You can plug in how long something takes to listen to the Book of Mormon 26 hrs 28 min and the speed you want to play it at and it tells you how long it will take!

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