#10 Day Book of Mormon Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 = pages: 322 - 377 | chapters: Alma 46 - Helaman 4 | audio: 2 hrs 47 min

Alma 56:47

"The pure gospel of Jesus Christ must go down into the hearts of students by the power of the Holy Ghost. It will not be enough for them to have had a spiritual witness of the truth and to want good things later. It will not be enough for them to hope for some future cleansing and strengthening. Our aim must be for them to become truly converted to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ while they are with us," he said.
"Then they will have gained a strength from what they are, not only from what they know. They will become disciples of Christ."

Quoted during #LDSConf Oct 2009 by Elder D Todd Christopherson, talk titled "Moral Discipline." From original "Inspiring Students to Stand Strong amid Torrent of Temptation," by Elder Henry B Eyring [at the time, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles], Church News, Aug 18, 2001, Written by Shaun D. Stahle

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