#10 Day Book of Mormon Challenge - Day 9

Day 9!!!!!! = pages: 427 - 481 | chapters: 3 Nephi 11 - Mormon 7 | audio: 2 hrs 34 min

3 Nephi 17:21
"The word behold means to look and see. What did Jesus want the parents to see in their little ones? Did He want them to catch a glimpse of their children’s divine potential?
As we look at our children and our grandchildren today, what does the Savior want us to see in them? Do we recognize that our children are the largest group of investigators of the Church? What must we do to bring about their lasting conversion?"

#LDSconf Talk: "It’s Never Too Early and It’s Never Too Late" October 2015 By Elder Bradley D. Foster, Of the Seventy. 

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