Parks and Playgrounds 1: Heritage Park, Cedar Hills

I have 2 boys (7 and 2) but sometimes it honestly feels like we have 10! Love those feisty boys so much! Most of you know by now that we wish we could actually have 10, but more on that another time. We heart parks! my son wrote in questionnaire for Mother's Day that his favorite thing to do with mom is "go to the park." I love it too!

We live in Pleasant Grove, Utah and we've gone to almost every park here in this city, but we don't have a place to remember which ones we liked and what was cool about each. I want to have a place to document each park now, write the perks and share them so that we can tell others too! So, I'm initiating the #ParksAndPlaygrounds hashtag so that we can share the joy of parks and playgrounds with everyone. Sometimes I wish there were some kind of Park database, but maybe that's just because I love databases and spreadsheets. Anyways...this is my attempt at documenting Parks and Playgrounds we go to so that maybe others can enjoy the outdoors as much as we do and see them in advance because I love knowing before I go that there will be a bathroom there or water fountains or what kind of playground there will be for my 2yr old and if it's safe or not.

This is our very first #ParkAndPlayground we'd like to review and it is our current favorite, we've been here 3 times already in the last week! The next city over from ours is Cedar Hills, so because we are obsessed with this park we will do this one first and go back to the parks in Pleasant Grove too. The 3 times we came were for, a Girl Scout Troop Activity, my hubby's Birthday celebration with the fam, & a Visiting Teaching visit. See for yourself! Then comment and LMK what was your fave part.

Park #1: Heritage Park, Cedar Hills, Utah, U.S.A.

Park Perks: 

  • Pavilion (six 8-foot picnic tables, barbeque grill, electricity)
  • Volleyball court (net is provided)
  • Amphitheater (grass seating, electricity, lights)
  • Frisbee golf course
  • Basketball court
  • 2 Large Playgrounds {one is actually part of the school but you can use it because it's open to the public and they have big swings, I didn't include pics because it's obviously not part of this park.}
  • Open Grassy Fields {for games or bring blankets for picnics on the grass. Grass is mowed weekly!}
  • Stream/Creek {Cold water run off about ankle deep, great for mini recycled boat sailing} 
  • Restrooms {The restrooms are opened for the season around mid-April and are closed again around the first of October. No changing, table but if you bring a blanket you'll be great.}
You don't need a reservation to use the park, playground or stream, but if you want to make sure you get tables in the Pavilion, the Volleyball Court or Amphitheater, then you'll want to reserve it. Reserve it for a party or event here. Reservations are needed from April 15 to October 15. 

More Detailed Pics!

You know I had to include the bathroom pics! LOL They aren't beautiful or nice to look at but they are certainly great to see what your options are for when you go in there. No surprises, ya know?! They had toilet paper but I suggest you always bring a roll with you in the car just in case. Cedar Hills City actually does a great job of keeping it pretty clean. 

Thanks Cedar Hills for making an awesome park and playground.

Have fun and enjoy the outdoors this summer!


Info & pictures were gathered from being there in person, and some info from the city website

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