Parks and Playgrounds 2: Hill Park, Pleasant Grove

This is our fave sledding park and also affectionately known as the "Pudding" Park. LOL I was introduced to this park first for an LDS Youth activity, one of my clever YW counselors organized this activity and I can not say anything more about it because I would incriminate myself and others because they now have rules against specific things. Probably because of us. Ooops! We really didn't know. A lot of great playing here and what's nice is, it's not crowded!

Park #2: Hill Park, Pleasant Grove, Utah, U.S.A.

Park Perks: 

  • Large Playground
  • 1 Pavilion (four 8-foot picnic tables, no barbeque grill, yes outlets, but I don't know if they work, call the city to find out.)
  • 1 picnic table under mini pavilion.
  • Basketball court 
  • Long Walking Path with hills.
  • Open Grass Area
  • Bathrooms (men & women 2 stalls in the women's restroom, one of which is wheelchair accessible)
  • AMAZING views!
  • 2 Water fountains, only 1 works.
  • Clean benches scattered around the park.
  • First-come, first-served basis, this park and it's pavilion can NOT BE RESERVED. 
Click here for the PG Recreation page. Here's the form with the info about the parks in Pleasant Grove including it's restrictions. For concerns or questions on parks, call (801)785-7275.

More Detailed Pics!

I love how excited my boys get when we go to a new park. Honestly, we have been to so many parks, I just can't keep up with the posts is all. 

The grass really doesn't look or feel that bad. It's just hot here and so it gets splotchy. 

Our 2yr old, so cute!

This is a romantic spot!

Running water! Cause it's so hot outside. Only there an hour and we ran out of water in each of our water bottles and had to drink from the fountain. So glad it was there!

Also...this is like a mini basketball hoop, but it also looked adjustable, but I didn't see the handle where to adjust it. You may want to call and see if it really is mini or if you can adjust it somehow. My kids love mini hoops though, so I don't have issues with it, I'd leave it that way.

You know I had to show you the obligatory bathroom pics! You're welcome. ;) As usual, bring your own roll of TP, just in case they run out AND some sanitation wipes if you're OCD about cleanliness and germs, like me.

Pleasant Grove, thanks for making a gorgeous park and playground.
Have fun and enjoy the outdoors this summer!


Info & pictures were gathered from being there in person, and some info from the city website

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