10 Free Conversation Starters in a Jar

I'm actually not a big fan of jars. Read why here. However, they are really cute and if you're not sure if you want to splurge on my Table Talk Cards in a box yet, then totally download these, their questions are pretty fun too!

Here's the list in no specific preference or order. Just some cute ones I found by doing a simple Google Search.
  1. Family Dinner Conversation Starters by 733 Blog
  2. Family Conversation Starters by Activity Mom
  3. How to Bring Back Dinner Conversations by Must Have Mom
  4. Conversation Cards in a Jar by Momastery
  5. Family Conversation Jar by Little Miss Momma
  6. Dinner Conversation Jar Topics by Happiness Is Homemade
  7. Conversation Starter Questions by Beauty and Bedlam
  8. 30 Family Dinner Questions by How Does She
  9. Open-Ended Questions by Family Search, list here. 
  10. DIY Conversation Starter Mason Jar by Something Turquoise
LMK what you think of these and which is your fave. 

Also...yes, we sell a custom one ourselves! Our questions are collated together to create a well rounded set of conversations throughout the year.
Set includes 275 cards. 
For 2+ players, great for all ages, basically anyone who can read and communicate and you'll enjoy the faith based questions ones as well. 

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