7 Reasons for Mealtime Convos

There's so many places these days taking polls and researching how meal time conversations can affect a child and the family. Here's a few if you need further evidence.

1. A poll was taken by the Reader’s Digest magazine to determine what factors contributed most to a child’s success in school. Surprisingly, one thing they found was that “students who regularly shared mealtimes with their families tested better than those who didn’t” (Rachel Wildavsky, “What’s Behind Success in School?” Reader’s Digest, Oct. 1994, 49). 
From a frequently quoted #LDSConf talk I love, "Good better Best
2. "The number of those who report that their “whole family usually eats dinner together” has declined 33 percent. This is most concerning because the time a family spends together “eating meals at home [is] the strongest predictor of children’s academic achievement and psychological adjustment.” Family mealtimes have also been shown to be a strong bulwark against children’s smoking, drinking, or using drugs. There is inspired wisdom in this advice to parents: what your children really want for dinner is you." by Elder Dallin H. Oaks - Oct 2007 
Personal experience from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints's General Relief Society President Julie B Beck, quoted in Mormon News Room NEWS STORY — 1 AUGUST 2008. 
3. "Though we were a busy family, I considered everyone’s presence at dinnertime nonnegotiable. It was our most consistent gathering time, and everyone planned to eat together before going on to other activities.”
The same article shared mealtime as a benefit in the work environment too: 
4. "Jacob told BYU News, “In our study, the level of interference with dinnertime was related to a perception of a healthy workplace, and that’s connected to job retention and productivity.”
Testimonial from someone who had family meal time. 
5. Those dinner hours we spent together had a huge impact on the way I dealt with challenges and how I felt about life and myself. I knew that no matter what happened outside our home, I had a family who cared about me. New Era, May 2014
Found in the Huffington Post (not an LDS reference, if you prefer): 
6. "Children who eat at least five times a week with their family are at lower risk of developing poor eating habits, weight problems or alcohol and substance dependencies..." HuffingtonPost.com 
2nd Non-LDS Statistics
7. "More frequent family dinners are related to fewer emotional and behavioral problems, greater emotional well-being, more trusting and helpful behaviors towards others and higher life satisfaction.” – Journal of Adolescent Health, April 2012
Ever since I can remember my teachers have had quite the challenge with me because, I talk "too much." They'd move me to different desks around the classroom, soon I was friends with all of my classmates! I'm still that same girl who likes to talk a lot or write a lot. 

I am not only blessed to have a husband who listens but one who also loves communicating & chatting as much as I do! We were not at all surprised by the news that our at the time 5yr old son has also been blessed with the ability to befriend anyone and everyone who surrounds him in his Kindergarten class. LOL our poor teachers! Our love for talking and communicating has launched our desire for more unique and meaningful conversations with each other. 

As we've gathered together at the table, our most communicative spot, we not only ask about each other's days but get to find out that our son would love to have 16 children and hopes they will all be boys and that his favorite smell is Hot Chocolate. He's fun! Friends have also gathered at our table and they too have loved the unique conversations. We come up with new questions on a regular basis because we love thinking of the myriad of answers we could elicit from adults to teens and especially the little children. 

Questions are collated together to create a well rounded set of conversations throughout the year.
Set includes 275 cards. 
For 2+ players, great for all ages, basically anyone who can read and communicate and you'll enjoy the faith based questions ones as well. 

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