Parks And Playgrounds 3: Boneville Park, Orem

Can you believe school starts in just 3 days?! We had to go to another park instead of watching more Netflix shows, LOL. My son said this is his, "new favorite park because it has a tennis court." He's only 7yrs old and doesn't know how to play tennis yet, but he does love the idea of being able to do something different at this park. I've seen some peeps using the court for their tennis lessons so I suppose he's right.

Park #3: Bonneville Park, Orem Utah, U.S.A.

Address: 1450 North 800 West, Orem, UT 84062

Park Perks: 

  • Extra Large Playground (really it's gorgeous and not too many places where the tiny little ones can fall off a playground cliff)
  • 1 Lg Pavilion with 10-12 picnic tables, 4 BBQ Grills, overhead lights, call city to find out when they are on.
  • 1 Sm Pavilion with 2 Picnic tables & a BBQ Grill
  • Basketball court 
  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • Huge swing set
  • Long Walking/Jogging/Riding Path
  • Open Grass Area
  • Bathrooms (men & women 2 stalls in the women's restroom, one of which is wheelchair accessible)
  • 1 Water fountain & it works!
  • Clean benches scattered around the park.
  • Bonus: Bus Stop close by!
  • Main pavilion CAN be reserved! Click here for the Bonneville Park Recreation page.
  • NOTE: Bands, concerts, DJ's, sound systems and inflatables including bounce houses, slides, etc. are not allowed in City of Orem parks.
  • Click here for the Orem Parks Page. Call 801-229-7154 for Orem City park pavilion availability.

HUGE PLAYGROUND with a lot of slides!

I just love all of these mature trees!

Running water!

Chained nets so they will last long.

Trash cans are placed throughout the park, so there are no excuses for us to throw things on the grass or on the ground.

We had to come twice already because we haven't even gotten a chance to use everything yet. Haven't even tried these awesome swings yet! The park and tennis court was awesome enough.
Swings that swing high!

The obligatory bathroom pics! You're welcome. These are kept clean! As usual, bring your own roll of TP, just in case they run out (they do stock it on Saturdays and Mondays) AND maybe bring some sanitation wipes and even some soap w/ sanitizer because there's no soap here, if you're OCD about cleanliness and germs, like me. I don't know when they close the bathrooms for the season, so check with them on that.

Host an Olympic family reunion, set up a playdate, host a friend reunion, plan a Visiting Teaching visit here and let the kids play while moms chat, play here with the kids or just come and enjoy the outdoors. Have fun outside and enjoy the weather while it lasts! I don't know about you, but I need to go outside in the summer, before I become a winter hermit. Being raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida kind of does that to me.

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