10 General Conference Family Traditions

#GeneralConferencWeek! 10 General Conference Family Traditions

We have some general conference traditions for the whole family! Can I just say narrowing it down to 10 +2 bonus ones was really hard! Just do a Google or Pinterest search. 

Something our now 7yr old used to say is..."agether." It was his favorite and our favorite place to be. We love being together! We want our kids to know we love the Lord and cherish His word by making time to watch, listen, read, and heed the counsel given during General Conference. 
“No other work transcends that of righteous, intentional parenting!”—President Russell M. Nelson, "The Sabbath Is a Delight” #GeneralConference April 2015
If we are intentional, vs accidental or forgetful, when it comes to following the Lord, our kids will have a desire to watch, listen, read, and heed the counsel given during General Conference and will make a huge difference in their lives. (I know this to be true, but don't have 1st hand experience because my fam never did that stuff and our kids are still learning and growing, but that's the hope and the purpose of our intentional parenting, I'll let you know how it turns out in 11 yrs.) Sure, the natural woman may take over and prefer to nap than to do anything with/for General Conference (kind of how I feel right now, but I'm pushing passed it, because I know where those thoughts are coming from) and then there will be times when you completely forget and you just have to turn it on and watch it sometime after or whatever. We can't be so busy that we miss the Lord's messages for us completely. 

It's true, my hubby & I forgot our wedding anniversary the same exact year and missed it by a week!!! Some peeps would say thats grounds for divorce but we didn't have anyone to blame but ourselves. LOL We laughed about it and you better believe we celebrated it later, we didn't just forget about it and say, "oh, well." You can do the same with Conference. No worries if you forget it completely or who knows, maybe you are even on a cruise and can't tune in AT ALL (did you know they don't have good wi-fi for streaming! I learned that recently, we've never been on a cruise yet, but I know that info). Whatever the case may be for missing it...if you miss it live, just set aside another day/weekend where you can watch the sessions of General Conference. Have you heard of binge watching? People do this for ...um less important things to watch. (i.e. Starwars, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc... BTW we beyond love all of those I'm not judging, I'm just saying.) So if we can do it for those (and you know I've thought about hosting a Harry Potter Movie Party) then we can certainly do it for the Lord's Semi-Annual General Conference to hear and learn what the Lord would have us do as we come unto Him and become better and perfected instruments in His hands to bless the lives of our families, friends and those we have stewardships over. 

“Learn to listen, and listen to learn from Church leaders. . . . Words of the Lord are taught by His disciples. Wise members listen to learn from Church leaders.” - Elder Russell M. Nelson "Listen to Learn" #GeneralConference April 1991

Some ideas to Listen & Learn together as a family (before or during General Conference & even to do afterward to remember General Conference).

10 + 3 General Conference Family Traditions

1. Conference Dominos [PDF via MediaFire with ads, you've been warned] by Sheena from LittleLDSIdeas.com

3. Conference Guess Who? *Updated for Fall 2016!* [PDF] by Tiff from TiffKeetch.blogspot.com

4. Dinner with an Apostle! [Find Apostle pics for cheap at Distribution Center, Deseret Book or print your own by saving the pics found here] by Tiffany from thomsoncreekfarm.com

5. General Authority Memory Game *Apostles updated but still Wixom as Primary Pres, but that's OK, you can just leave her out if it bugs ya too much* [PDF] by Emilie from aYearofFHE.net

6. Conference Reverence Tent or Conference Camping [Story PDF] - by Linda Olsen for LDS.org 
{Someone at church said they went camping during conference and listened to conference on the radio. AWESOME! We live in Utah and reception is bad here because of mountains and such, and I don't have a satellite radio so I'd have to download conference sessions before hand and then take them camping with us to watch while we camped. BUT...they said this was their family's fave tradition growing up. What's nice is that they get to be "disconnected" and just concentrate on the messages. This would be awesome! I think we will need to do this one time and see how the kids love it. What if we missed conference? this would also be a great idea and a great way to make up for it and watch it on one weekend.}

7. Apostles Quiet Book *Updated for Fall 2016!* [Zip] by Heather from SimplyFreshDesigns.com

8. Conference Keyword Cafe [JPGs] by Linda Winegar found at LindaWinegar.com

9. Apostle's Speaking Activity Kits (also see link for Apostles quiet book pages) by Holly & Heather from welovebeingmoms.blogspot.com

10. Conference Cash [PDF] by Stephanie from somewhatsimple.com

BONUS 1 & 2: WHY? because our fave Mormon Pinterest guy (Ryan Gosling) said he would cook. LOL his Memes are hilarious and I wholeheartedly thank those who are clever enough to come up with those sayings. I honestly can't imagine how he must really speak in real life. To me he sounds like he's full of "Hey girls" & LDS-isms. Poor guy! 

Bonus 1: Overnight French Toast Casserole [Recipe] by Christy from the-girl-who-ate-everything.com.

Bonus 2: Conference Breakfast Casserole [Recipe PDF] by Debbie from foodstorageandbeyond.wordpress.com just in case you want something salty instead of sweet.

Whatever you choose to do, have a great memorable time soaking up all of God's goodness during general conference, may you find the answers you've been searching for. And remember...if you want to join the Twitter Stake, just #LDSConf on Twitter with your fave quotes cause I'll re-tweet them for ya!