10 Quick & Easy Conference Printables

LDS General Conference Week - Day 3: 10 Quick & Easy Fall 2016 Conference Printables

Q: Wait...what is General Conference anyway?
A: #LDSconf or General Conference to me, are like several spiritually nourishing TED talks given to a worldwide gathering of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the talks are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, delivered by His chosen servants in our day to guide me and my family through the storms of life and stay happy. I look forward to these every 6 months and need to listen to/read at least one daily!

A quick and easy list of printables to help your General Conference experience be the best!

I love that I'm surrounded by amazingly talented people who also love the Lord and His General Conference so much that they would create wonderful things to enhance our experience and make General Conference more memorable for FREE! Here's the loot and be sure to click on the links below the pictures to be taken to the sites to download the files.

 1. We all Have Questions Form [PDF] from BrightlyStreet.com

2. General Conference Notebook [PDF] from LDS.org

3. NEW Fall 2016! General Conference Journal Page [PDF] from yours truly, LindaWinegar.com 

4. Prophet & Apostles Name Cards [4x6 image downloads from dropbox] from SimplyFreshDesigns.com

5. Prophet & Apostles Messages to laminate [8x10 or 16x20 Image Downloads from dropbox] from SimplyFreshDesigns.com
6. General Conference Activity Packet [PDF] from MormonCartoonist.com

7. 50 General Conference Review Quote Cards from Oct 2015 [Zip file on Dropbox] from ThePersonalProgressHelper.com
8. General Conference Squares (AKA Bingo) [PDF] from LDS.org

9. General Conference Checklist [PDF] from CknScratch.com
10. General Conference Notebook Oct 2015 (Fill in spaces for the 3 new apostles) [PDF] by LDS.org

I love each and every one of these and can't wait to see which will work for our family. I usually pick a few out and have them handy in case something doesn't work. Pick one or all 10, just do what YOU think is best for yourself and your family. And as usual you can even give some to the sisters you Visit Teach or the families you Home Teach.