General Conference Journal Stickers

General Conference Week: Conference Journal Stickers!

I'm going to be honest. I started to create the stickers and the process was taking wayyyy too long, I love creating things but just downloading all of the images took well over an hour. It's a time commitment and my kids nap time isn't quite long enough. LOL. Then it occurred to me that maybe someone else had the same idea. I was hoping and praying to find something and I'm sure others out there could create something much quicker than I could anyways. AND my prayer was answered. I found that clever and creative mind that thinks like mine but acts on her promptings! Her name is Rachel Evans Davis from
 The Mormon Home PDF General Conference Journal Stickers

So here's her awesome work, ready for download (not from crazy spammer sites but from her own site) She's my hero and is now yours too!

FREE Download:

from (Yes these are updated for Fall 2016 #LDSconf)
Go on over to her site and download her PDF files! They are made for Avery 5160 Labels, but if you don't have those, that's totes OK and all you need to do it cut them up, have a glue stick handy and glue them right into your journal as each speaker shares their message and pick a topic sticker to go with it! I just love these.

Thanks for saving the day Rachel!