Party Printables: Construction Theme

This weekend was all kinds of awesome! #LDSConf & celebrated my littlest guy!

Construction Party Ideas with Food Signs and Game Signs Printables!  
1st, it was General Conference, which means I got to hear from a lot of my favorite people, who spoke about Jesus Christ and how we can be more like Him and how doing what God asks of us will bring us JOY! It filled my soul. If you want to hear replay the videos of the messages they shared you can go to:, if you want to read just a summary of what they said before you listen or watch their full talk go here

2nd, it was my son's 3rd birthday and it was his Golden Birthday too! WHAT?! I know crazy huh! I'm sure going to miss his terrific twos! For nap he tells me to carry him like some kind of construction truck up the stairs and to dump him *carefully* into the bed. We've done, dump truck, "scooper" truck & lately the cement truck. He is also super into tools and things so this theme was perfect for him.

The Party Details!

You got the #LDSConf printables, now let me show ya what my fam did for our newest 3yr old.

After Pinning a gang load of ideas, we came up with some modifications and ran with it. I'm going to cover these things we did as quickly as possible since dinner time is now approaching and I've spent way too much time on this post and I don't even get paid for this. LOL Hobbies! The pics are self explanatory but I've added some info into the caption. If you're curious... the "Sponsors" were my awesome family! Use your friends and family for everything if you can, makes things easier when throwing parties. 

Use your tools everywhere! (slat wall or even use peg board) Cones cut out from cardstock poster paper. Build-a-Burger station was pretty easy and clever.

The Food

My mom is the bomb! Use tootsie rolls or mini twix for bricks, add oreo crumbles for the dirt and make any flavor of cake you want with any kind of messy frosting and top with trucks!

Seriously, I need to work on improving my handwriting! *embarrassed emoji* I didn't have time to print my fancy food labels PDF, so this was it and think they did the trick, because people still ate all of the food!
Spiral Pasta = Screws & Bolts & Olives = Washers! My MIL is clever. 

Condiments in tin cans from dollar store and paint brushes or foam brushes. Messy but worth it!

The Decor 

I added Vinyl lettering onto the white and yellow paper plates from the dollar store to make the signs. See download below.
FREE Silhouette Studio Cut File for Construction Birthday Party! This is what I used to cut the Birthday Sign out.

Free Food & Activity Signs for your Construction Party! Just print in Black ink on Orange or Yellow Paper or Cardstock!

Download PDFs or JPGs below. 

[NO ADS on the links just files from my google drive!]

Download Construction Food Signs PDF or Click on the images above to save the JPG files. I don't have a color printer so I like to make things printable in Black ink/toner. So just download and print on Orange/Yellow Paper/Cardstock and you're done. No need to waste ink or run to the store. I'm last minute like that too. ;) 

Caution Tape from Home Depot used everywhere!!! Even on these hand towels, perfect touch i think and it kept the towels from disappearing.  

The Activities

Get the hubs to help with the games, he loved setting these games up! Couldn't have has a fun party without him. He's got skills and awesome ideas.
Cardboard boxes & a basketball on a rope hanging from the basketball hoop.

Use a piece of drywall and mount it onto a couple pieces of 2x4. Each kid gets a screw and a screwdriver and then you race! (Remember to take away the screwdrivers once they are done.)
Mallet/Hammer & Golf Tees into a piece of drywall mounted onto 2x4 scraps. (Remember to take away the mallets once they are done with the game.)

My cute niece enjoying the sand. Plastic Bin & Sand from Home Depot. $15
Marshmallows and Toothpicks! Cheap & Easy and kept the kids calm for at least a good 20-30 min until they ate the marshmallows. LOL
We did this on his actual birthday and he LOVED it! (Yes, I know I should have used colorful balloons but these were all I had and didn't want to go buy more) Ok well he didn't like it the first time, but I put it up for him again and he loved it coming from the front and tearing it down. LOL

The Thank You Gifts

Measuring Tape = $1 + Home Depot Apron = $0.77 + Home Depot Pencil = $0.30 = $2.07 and the kids loved it!

Whatever you choose to do, I know you'll have fun with this theme! Enjoy these free files just for you.

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