12 Days of Christmas Box Fun

I am absolutely obsessed with this new tradition! 12 Days of Christmas Fun Boxes by Katherine Marie. (Sadly she has taken down her site). BUT NO WORRIES! Since 2016 we have done this tradition and after so many requests for a printable it's now available on my Etsy shop. Just a little something to make the magic of Christmas last a little bit longer. December goes by way to fast and I love how she chooses to enjoy it. I'm making these this year and I'll share ideas later on. ;)

I included a few of of her ideas of course, added my own and googled others, then designed my own Tags for the boxes and now you can have 12 days of Christmas Box Fun too!

My fave is that she hand wrote everything and got the pre-wrapped/decorated photo boxes to put the goodies in. If you have time, hand write your own too! OR DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL PRINTABLES from my Etsy Shop now available for Christmas Season 2020.

The images below are linked to go to her site, but sadly her site no longer exists. 

I sure wish her site was still up, but I am glad we can preserve her ideas + my designs and ideas with this downloadable printable.

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