Christmas Kindness Day!

Christmas Kindness Day ended up being so fun! We didn't realize but we live so close to so many places with opps to serve. Maverick being our top one, the DIY Carwash, Dollar Store, Wendy's and more! 

The Box: (Paint, Paint Brushes, Cardstock for cards, Supplies for Homeless Kit, Dollar Bills, Coins, Candy, Zip Lock Baggies, Popcorn, Poem (see below for Printable) and little hands and helpers!

The hand made cards. Faust's hands, Finn's thumb and pinky fingers.

I think it looks like baby Jesus in a manger, don't you? I found a poem starter and I decided to add a couple lines to make it more applicable for what we needed. (See download below) 

Made some homeless kits. I don't know if there's homeless people around your walmarts or dollar stores, but there's a special spot where they like to be around ours. So we dropped these 2 off there. There was a blanket there and so Finn was convinced that for sure someone would be back soon.

Before the drop, getting a little nervous.

Pretty sure we left 5 of them at this Redbox. We didn't put them there all at the same time, but came back after different places.

Staking out the Redbox to see if anyone got the gift Finn left. Getting a little car crazy!

Look... We're not stalkers! There's still no one coming to the Redbox. Finn was late for CubScouts already so we had to leave, as we pulled out someone came up and the boys got so excited!!!

Another drop! He loved doing these. 

Then Faust did the one at the gas pump because it was just his height!

That hand into a manger is too cute! We wrote on them "For you, because of Him." (Download the poem below)

I lifted Faust up to do this carwash one!

Finn loved getting the change from the machine first, then putting the coins in the baggie. I'll check those spots later to see if anyone took them.

We forgot to wear our Christmasy Elf hats, {sad face emoticon}. So for the very last ones, Finn remembered and put it on as he delivered our Christmas cards w/ a treat to our neighbors.


Download the poem by clicking on the image you want! Make your own hands and drop them off or you can just use the color one with the hand already there.  

'I used my hand to make a manger, a place for Jesus to lay. 
I'll use my heart so full of love, as a place for Jesus to stay.'
This part of the poem I found on Pinterest as Anonymous, if you wrote it LMK and I'll give you a shout out. I did write the rest of the poem so you can download the whole thing below if you'd like to use it.

Black & White 6-up PDF Download from Google Drive

Color 4-up PDF Download from Google Drive

Single image PNG.