8 Relief Society Activities from 2007

8 Relief Society Activities from 2007.
In 2007 I got to serve as our Relief Society Home Family & Personal Enrichment Coordinator, now it's just called Relief Society Activities, totally better cause it's simpler, right?! I designed a form here, in 2007 to get a list of the interests and hobbies that my sisters had, you can go to the link and download it.

Remember this was 2007, when there was no, Pinterest {GASP}, no Instagram or FB or fancy things to help us keep track of what we were doing for everyone. So I ended up creating a website for it HFPE.org but don't try and go there, I didn't renew it after the ward split so most of the info is now lost {sad face emoticon} but at least we have we we have.

The following list & even some of the um... amateur logos I designed, have been preserved, not by me, but by the Lord because miraculously I have found it even though my computer has crashed several times since then and this is the 3rd computer I've had since then. God is good!

Here's a bit of a detailed explanation of them:

  1. Fitness Hour - Talina & Meg would go to the church, get the TV and we'd all workout with Chalene Johnson's Beach Body's Turbo Jam! DVD "single single double!" That's right Beachbody was around 10 yrs ago!
  2. Temple Time - We'd carpool to go to the temple on Thursday nights.
  3. Simple Cooking Class - Melissa is our resident chef extraordinaire, even if she doesn't want to admit it. She'd tell us to bring some chicken or meat or something and a baking dish and she'd teach us a new cooking technique and help us get dinner prepped and ready for THAT NIGHT! Plus during the class she'd let us sample the awesome food we had just prepped so we'd know what it was supposed to taste like in case anyone, like myself, burned it. ;) We also liked to call it our "Taste and Take!"
  4. Playgroup - Julie would head this up and get moms together at the church and have kids play together and do fun things with the kids. 
  5. Card Making - We'd make 20 or so of the same card and Mary would coordinate who's house to go to and we'd exchange cards we made at home with our RS sisters. In the end we'd come home with 20 different cards to give out. 
  6. Righteous Readers - Nissa was a gracious host for our book club, we usually did the Ensign each month and talked about our fave articles and how they helped us. 
  7. Sewing & Quilting Sisters - We'd bring our sewing machines to church and quilting projects and just do them all together in the gym as the kids ran around and the sisters sewed and chatted. We always had "sewing pills" AKA M&Ms handy! It did require some prep & clean up because I liked to have the little tables all collected from every classroom and set up in a semi circle so we could all chat. 
  8. Potluck Recipe Exchange - Sheri & Julie would head this up and they told us to make a recipe and bring it to share and to make sure we had enough copies for everyone to take a recipe home if they liked how it tasted. It was like eating dinner at their house!
Here's a sample calendar of what one of the months looked like:

It was a lot of work but so much fun and so worth it. No one expected everyone to go to everything, but if there was something you really liked you could plan ahead and attend your fave one. I think they built the Pleasant Grove City Recreation Center after that, so there was no more need for the RS classes. ;) j/k

The only one that survived the times has been Temple Tuesday, been going every Tuesday since, but originally it was a Thursday and only once a month.

I wish I had more pictures to show off but honestly, with all of those computer crashes it's a miracle and a tender mercy that these logos & this calendar survived to remind me what we did, and let me know the Lord does care about what we do in our callings even years later.

These are pretty straight forward but if you need any help with getting more details on anything LMK on Instagram, FB or a comment. 

Click here if you want to download the "Interests & Hobbies Form" to get an idea of what your sisters would be interested in learning or teaching!