Conversion Hearts 4x6

Conversion Heart Printable 4x6 JPG for Visiting Teachers, Home Teachers, Missionaries or anyone with a desire to learn more about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Scriptures about the Atonement taken from The Preach My Gospel Manual.

Here's the latest Visiting Teaching 4x6 Photo Printable. - I designed it using the Conversations Paper Pack by Lettering Delights & of course edited the paper to include the perfect message and even scripture references to match the message. Image below is shown with an envelope and swiss chocolate covered Oreo with the message "text me" from Get your sisters one!

"Conversion" Hearts 4x6!

“When each of us has the doctrine of the Atonement written deep in our hearts, then we will begin to become the kind of people the Lord wants us to be.” - October 2012 General Conference by Linda K. Burton, titled “Is Faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ Written in Our Hearts?” 

Scripture references on the handout are from the“Atonement” Scripture Study subsection found in Ch 3-Lesson #2 from the Preach My Gospel Manual. I know right, how perfect to have those all on 1 cute pic! The list of recipients is quickly adding up, because this is not just for Visiting Teahing. Hearts include the following scriptures, to help convert you and those you love:
Print it for the sisters you Visit Teach, any investigator, missionary and even for families you Home Teach. It will even make the perfect addition to any Valentine's Decor!

Download 4x6 Conversion Hearts:

Download this month's Conversion Hearts in JPG format for printing and gift them to anyone for free by clicking the link image below.

  1. Click on image & download it. (it's a jpg)
  2. Print it 4x6 (you might need to adjust your printer settings because if printed at 100% it might be too big), in color on thick cardstock or take/upload the image (jpg file) to your local print shop and have them print it 4x6 on photo paper like you would regular pictures. Like at Cosco, Walmart, Target, etc.
  3. Add conversation hearts to your cards or make some oreo cookie conversation hearts!

[NOTE: This post was originally published on: Jan 4, 2014 on my old website (which was hacked), and is part of my migration project to preserve my work and designs:]

From my old post: "Nothing like a new baby followed by a New Year to get me motivated enough to get this Visiting Teaching site back up and flowing with great Visiting Teaching ideas, stories, inspiration and more! It's true the site got hacked, fixed, moved and crashed and fixed again, and got a new calling in between to serve our wonderful Young Women. Phew! When I first designed the site we had just had our 1st little boy, he's going to be 5 this month! And in October of 2013 we just had our 2nd, so it's that time again, time to focus more on Visiting Teaching. I DO LOVE VISITING TEACHING!"