15 FHE New Era Object Lessons

15 FHE Object Lessons from the LDS New Era Magazine, FREE PDF Downloads! [choose PDFs below]

I absolutely love the New Era Magazine and these FHE Object Lessons they've started to include have been so perfect for my 8 yr old when it's his turn for the lesson. Sure.... us parents could take any article from the Ensign, Friend or New Era and read it for an FHE Lesson and then play a game, however they make it easy, spell it ALL out and even involves a bit of STEM/Science to help him stay motivated to share something meaningful yet fun with the family. (AKA less of a chore for the both of us when he's in charge!) When you have active boys like mine, Object Lessons are the best way to help them stay focused and engaged.

I wish I would have been blessed to have these in our home while growing up. I was the only LDS girl in my Middle School & High School, crazy I know, but times where different when I was growing up in Florida going to the Spanish Speaking branch an hour away from my home. To have these available wherever I am on my phone, available to print from my home or even delivered to my home in beautiful color, is such a blessing. Tech in the 'latter-days" is so cool!!

15 FHE Object Lessons from LDS.org

Click the image you want & download the PDF directly from LDS.org and save it to your phone, to your google drive, to your computer, anywhere! I always love the pictures better when letting my 8yr old choose which lesson to teach for FHE. BTW my 3yr old loves these lessons too! Perfect for the whole fam. Have fun!