Gas Station Baptism Bears 5x7

Grab a bag of gummi bears and print this free downloadable tag! Could even get a fluffy stuffed bear if you wanted to. It's perfect last minute baptism gift!

We ended up stopping at a gas station (there were no LDS Seagull Book stores around), after the baptism on the way to their luncheon, and grabbed a bag of gummy bears (cause I found this idea) and hand wrote this message on a piece of scrap note paper. LOL It was INSANE trying to find a last min baptism gift and the whole thing looked completely unprofessional and ridiculous, but the little boy loved the gummy bears! Even my 7yr old at the time totally loved the idea too and said he wanted one for his baptism. Guess, the hand writing on a scrap piece of paper isn't as bad as I thought. Now that I have had some time to properly design something a bit more intentional and cute, this is what I would have preferred to gift.

Here's the pic of my pathetic attempt for a last min baptism gift. How embarrassing, shield your eyes! My handwriting, is more like chicken scratch instead of that cute hand written calligraphy you see on Pinterest. HAHAHA!!!! (I laugh to keep from crying). Like I said, he loved it and my son wanted one too, they don't care about presentation. BTW I happen to have those "I know the scriptures are true" Dog Tags from Seagull Book in the car because I was actually waiting to give them to my son when he got baptized and found them super early on and just totally never took them out of the car. LOL

My son is now 8 and I didn't gift him his gummi bears or the dog tags for his baptism, but maybe now that I have this done and not in my handwriting, I can. ;)

Image is actually 5x7 so it can be printed at home or even your fave photo place, can be added as a tag or gifted to put into a picture frame as a cute reminder.

Click on the image above and right click to save the image & print it.

Remember to look for this bag of gummi bears at the Gas Station, Walmart, try the Dollar Store too or a fave store.