Lucky & Blessed! 4×6 Postcard

Lucky & Blessed! 4×6 JPG Printable Postcard to mail the sisters you Visit Teach.

Today’s Treat is a 4×6 Lucky & Blessed Postcard. Goes with March‘s message of course, because we’re blessed when we read them, and it was obviously inspired by St. Patrick’s Day.

Have you ever heard people say “I’m so lucky” and then either publicly corrected, or silently corrected, them to help them realize it’s called a blessing? I have to correct myself sometimes when I say, “I am so lucky” and realize that actually I’m being blessed. Well, that had me thinking a lot and I’m blessed with a lot, but I also think I’m lucky in a lot of ways. Lucky that i didn’t die in a car accident when I was 18, no, that was for sure a blessing. Didn’t even get a scratch on me. Or lucky to have the gospel in my life, no, that is a huge blessing. Blessed that I didn’t bite my nails, maybe but one can consider that lucky because now I’ll be able to paint them and make my hands look nice, but blessed that I even have hands and nails to paint. Get it?

Think about this: When you say you’re “blessed” instead of “lucky” you’re actually giving credit where credit is due. You are recognizing your blessings from the Lord and therefore publicly thanking Him for it, when we say it out loud. I think that society and time has actually blended those 2 words/meanings together, to keep us from acknowledging Him or trying to make it “politically correct.” How many times do you say you’re “lucky” for something when you really meant “blessed” but don’t really want to say blessed because it sounds more “churchy?” I’ll admit I have sometimes, or maybe because I didn’t want someone else to think they are less blessed. In reality we’re all blessed, but in different ways and for different reasons. Just stop and think about it next time.

Anyways…that’s why I came up with this Visiting Teaching Postcard, cause I thought that we are lucky and blessed to have the scriptures but for different reasons.

Postcard reads: “Lucky to have the scriptures handy! & Blessed when we read and study them daily!”
I also included a quote found in the Ensign, May 2005 titled “The Tender Mercies of the Lord” by Elder David A. Bednar. He's one of my top 15 fave Apostles! ;) He talks about how even the smallest things are blessings from the Lord. I loved it and so I thought it would be great to put it on a postcard because we are blessed even more when we read and study the scriptures every day. I testify that this is true!

Download VT Printable:

Download this month’s Lucky & Blessed Postcard for Visiting Teachers by clicking the image above.


  • Click on image & download it.
  • Print it 4×6, in color on thick cardstock or your favorite photo center. I usually use Walmart and have had no problems in the past.
  • Mail it! Just address it and put a postcard stamp (cheaper than regular stamps) on the back for a quick pick-me-up and St. Patrick's Day smile for your sisters.
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