May the 4th be with you! 4x6 General Conference Printable

2 Memes, same quote from Elder Gary B. Sabin. Have you heard his talk? I could have made 10+ memes just from his talk alone. But a lass there's laundry so I only designed 3, well these 2 and 1 more, scroll to the bottom. 

To say that I love #LDSconf is an understatement. What is #LDSConf or #GeneralConference? Us members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide gather twice yearly for what we call “general conference.” This is in addition to my weekly worship services each Sunday. They also remind me of TED Talks centered around Jesus Christ. Totally worth it! Check out the most recent one here.

Honestly can't live without it. I'm obsessed and feel blessed! I need a shirt that says, "I take back all the times I didn't want to watch General Conference." LOL It's the nourishment I didn't know my soul yearned for, my bread of life and living waters. So grateful for the inspired words of each and every one of the speakers during each General Conference. I always, always feel the Savior's love through each of their inspired messages. I have a fear of public speaking, I wonder if they do? They look calm and collected every time. 

Elder Gary B. Sabin (no relation to my dad, named Gary B.), gave such a well crafted talk this past April 2017, titled "Stand Up Inside and Be All In." 

The Force?

When he likened Star Wars' "the Force" to the Holy Ghost, I about fell to the floor and knew a meme had to be made! That being said, please know I am not one of "those" fans. I tried to be, but I'm more like the wife who doesn't know anything about Star Wars. I don't get it, no matter how many times my sweet hubs tries to explain it, it just doesn't make sense and that's probably because I've slept through most of the movies. That being said I do LOVE light sabers w/ their special sound effect, Yoda and "the force." They even made a movie about Finn & Rey (both my kid's names) and it almost made sense. I'm pretty sure I got out of Star Wars what I needed most though, and that was a hubby. Whoot whoot! He thought I was a huge fan because I had a few theme park souvenirs which he saw on our first date displayed on my entertainment center, he had no idea. LOL He still says I tricked him. ;) 
Elder Sabin teaches us that, "in reality, it is much easier to be “all in” than partially in. When we are partially in or not in at all, there is, in the Star Wars vernacular, “a disturbance in the force.” We are out of sync with God’s will and therefore out of sync with the nature of happiness. Isaiah said:
“The wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.
“There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”
Fortunately, no matter where we are or where we have been, we are not beyond the reach of the Savior, who said: “Therefore, whoso repenteth and cometh unto me as a little child, him will I receive, for of such is the kingdom of God. Behold, for such I have laid down my life, and have taken it up again.”
I've felt this statement to be true in my life. I struggle with being consistent, in fact one can say I'm consistently inconsistent with my essentials. But everyday I wake up with a desire to do better, sometimes the desire leads to action and sometimes it doesn't. When I am not on my game, I feel restless, full of anxiety and chaos. I plan to display this somewhere I can see it, to remind me that although I don't know what the heck the Star Wars movies are about, I want "the force" to be strong in me so that I have that promised peace, so I can be victorious with my sword of a light saber and cut through anything that comes my way. 

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Pair these up with any of my friend Jennie's Novelty Star Wars Chocolate Truffles (she has chocolate Yoda heads and chocolate light sabers!) and gift them to the sisters you Visit Teach (AKA Minister to) or families you Home Teach or minister to. You could also just make the light sabers from pool noodles and gift it to the kids of your families.

The Truffle Cottage
Maybe even show up dressed in your fave Jedi Attire to Visit Teach or Home Teach, I guarantee the message will be more memorable. If I know about Star Wars, everyone does, so that's a safe message to share with your peeps.

Search Amazon for "Jedi Costume"
No matter how you choose to reach out to your sisters and families, they will know you love them because you chose to make an effort to visit them, make contact and ask them about their lives. God Speed and may "the Force be with you." The real force from the true source!

BONUS 4x6 Printable

Bonus Meme from Elder Sabin's talk, and for all of those non-Star Wars fans. How great is this, with social media always wanting a follow, we should know "it is far better to follow the Creator thank the crowd."

P.S. Yes, I think Yoda looks like Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, maybe that's why I like Yoda so much.

(Originally posted on May 4th, 2017)