My Sweet Supervisor 4x6

Keep track of your Visiting Teaching Supervisor with this FREE Sweet Supervisor 4x6 Printable!

After all we are ADULT WOMEN who can use a calendar, who can set reminders for our own selves and don't need others to remind us to love our sisters, so keep track of who we need to contact on our own. Don't be afraid to Return and Report!!! Watch a 2 Min Video about Visiting Teaching

Find out about the Visiting Teaching program of the largest organization for women in the World, The Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So blessed to be a part of it.

As I mentioned on our Facebook page, this Saturday we have Sister Stewardship Interviews, AKA Visiting Teaching Interviews. I volunteered to make Supervisor Contact Cards to help the sisters remember who their Supervisors are and to report after each act of caring or even just before the end of the month so the supervisors don’t have to call a list of sisters to find out the details of the report.

I used to be afraid of sharing the caring, just report if I visited or not. But I have learned that our Visiting Teaching Supervisors, Relief Society Presidents and Bishops want to know you’re caring for your sisters. They want the details! This is not an assignment of secret charity, save those for other peeps. This is our assignment from the Lord, where we can do a lot and brag about all of the service we’ve done to our VT supervisors because they need the info and they want to praise us for caring about our dear sisters. Of course still be humble and always be willing to improve. :) They want to know HOW sisters you visit are feeling of the Saviors love and what they might need. So let’s not be afraid and go all out! The Savior loves us and our Supervisors have been called to share His love for us as we report our caring through Visiting Teaching.

I went to my favorite place to download some cute digital products [Not an affiliate link]. I used a couple of different digital products. "You take the Cupcake" for the Cupcakes and "DB Hello Cupcake DoodleBat Font" for the black and white version, "LD Cursive Font" for the font, "Cup Cake Celebration" for the frame and "Dress Up Paper Dolls" for the gal’s head shot silhouette.

Download your Sweet Supervisor 4x6 Printable!

Click to enlarge and select to save your files. Sized for photo printing on matte photo paper at your fave photo printing store. No cutting necessary!

Hey Sweet Supervisors, I created 2 different designs for you! 1 in color (click image above) which you can print at your favorite photo place and a black and white one (click image below) which you can print from home on cardstock and cut out and pass out with a cupcake!

Print it & Fill it in! supervisor’s name, address, phone & cell phone, option if you receive texts, then put your email address. Picture can be glued on top after printing or added using a photo editing software.
Then says: “Reporting our Visiting Teaching is a piece of cake!”

SPECIAL NOTE: This is specifically for all of the Visiting Teaching Supervisors, Visiting Teaching Coordinators or Relief Society Presidencies who want to help the sisters of their ward know who to call to report their Visiting Teaching. Print it and fill it out with the Supervisors Information and pass out to the sisters in her district maybe even with a cupcake! If you know how to use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Elements then you can add text before you print it and even add your picture in the circle provided. Otherwise there is just a blonde silhouette of a gal in it’s place. ;) Or use the Black & White one if you don't like the color version.

If you are a Visiting Teacher and just want to print this to keep track of your own VT Supervisor, GREAT, just do it! You're awesome!

[Optional] You can open the JPG and edit them using Photoshop if you want to add text or pictures to them before printing. If you are not familiar with that, you can do a search on google and learn how to do that, sorry I can't add that here too, remember this site is to help you with Visiting Teaching more than giving you Photoshop Tutorials, there are plenty of competent peeps teaching those already anyways. ;) You can also just print them and then write on them with a pen or fine tip sharpie. You can then glue your pic on them too if you want to. Works just as good!

This post was originally published on Feb. 2, 2012 on my other site, but that site got hacked :'( so this re-post is an effort to preserve my designs. 
I also appreciate Jess for sharing her version of my Sweet Supervisor Printable.