4 Steps to an LDS Waffle Bar Party - Invite Idea Included!

Cutest Relief Society activity idea I've been seeing online is this Waffle Bar!

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A client reached out to me and asked me to custom make one for her because I didn't have any on my shop. What a great idea I told her! It was on my list to design anyways (I'm never going to finish that design list, it's forever long!!!) so since she needed it right away I designed it for her. That's usually how it goes around here.

Here a list of ideas from some Waffle Bar Parties I found.

1. The Theme Explained - We Will Not Waffle!

What does "not waffle" mean anyways? Basically not to be indecisive or wishy-washy when making choices. Need more info, check out these 2 posts. 

2. The Ingredients Needed

Need I say more? Apparently a TON of options out there. 

3. The Setup & Display

Keep it simple and make it fun!  Use craft paper and a sharpie and you're all set! If you don't like your handwriting, that's OK, guess what? NO ONE else likes their own handwriting either, unless you're Lisa or Addi from Hand Lettering Design. Their stuff is so cute, have you taken a class at Pinners Conference? If not you can still watch it online and improve it for the event if you must. Anyways, start at one end of the table and put things in the order you think will make most sense, and jot down the ingredients and steps for a successful waffle bar! Check these out! Similar setup can be done with pancakes too.

A bestie of mine threw a Baby Shower with this waffle bar theme back in 2011 and it was so cute, the first I'd ever seen. She is a party planner and always goes above and beyond, and obviously a party trend setter. ;) 

Idea's from other sites. 

4. Printables & Signs

If you like the idea and want to roll with it, give me a holla and I'll customize this invite for you. I can even change the wording if you want it for a Baby shower or a Youth Activity instead of Relief Society, I can do that!

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 Click here to download FREE Printable Signs!
Click image above to download the Free Printable Signs!
Hope this info was helpful.