21 Tried-n-True Techniques to Procrastinate on Purpose

I'm a procrastinator but I've always looked at it as a bad thing. When I heard the Podcast with Rory Vaden about his new book Procrastinate on Purpose Deluxe: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time, I felt I could relate. It's not that I'm sitting around doing nothing and then finally decide to do the thing I'm supposed to do. It's that I'm simply prioritizing what needs to be done first and sometimes that is a lot of things that matter most which push back the non-essentials and then I can either get to the thing that I was planning to do or not do it at all.

One of my fave shirts says "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come." LOL So true...I'm usually late because I honestly don't want to go to anything. I'd rather be home with my family snuggling watching a movie with popcorn and hot chocolate, but life doesn't always permit that, and I'll admit sometimes I really do want to be there. ;)

21 Tried-n-True Techniques to Procrastinate on Purpose

I bet you all know and do most of these, because life happens, but see if you can find a gem you might want to try.

Remember, as much as I'd love to be "on my game" every single day, because usually, I do run faster than normal, my ADHD also makes me a bit of an extremist I'm either speed 1 or 10 or even can go from 1-10 in seconds, sometimes I can only do one of these in a day, depends on the things I did to prepare for the day. If that happens, I just try and stay positive and do what's essential for me for that day, because it is easy for me to get discouraged because I know I am capable of so much more, as evidence from this list. The Lord doesn't want us to be discouraged or take out our frustration on our loved ones so just take 5 minutes and breath, then get back to whatever you need to do and if that's snuggling with your husband or playing with a child, then take a selfie and post about how amazing it is to be with them because that's being super productive in my book. The laundry and dishes can always wait!

Without further delay here is my very own LDS-ADHD-Entrepreneur-IVF-Warrior-Momma-of-2-of-the-loudest-most-adorable-sons-tried-and-true Techniques to Procrastinate on Purpose and be more efficient with my time so I can spend time doing what matters most. Not in any specific order!

  1. Plan my day the night before. Just on a sticky, I try to keep it simple. Remember, my real plan is already on the Google Calendar.
  2. Putting my phone in Airplane mode during my scripture study time. Is a must! As a procrastinator and an entrepreneur mom with ADHD who's also going through menopause to see if we can have another baby via IVF, I have plenty of things, ideas, hormones and more running through my body & mind at all times where I won't need anything else to interrupt me. Praying beforehand helps me A LOT to really focus.
  3. Set a pot of eggs to boil (might vary 5-8 min), while I take a quick shower & get ready, I do set a timer on my watch to be sure I don't miss it. The goal is to be showered, with clothes on in that timeframe. We all know make-up doesn't usually happen in the bathroom mirror! The bonus is, you'll have your protein ready for the day!
  4. Always wear a watch w/ timer. How did I even function before this? LOL
  5. Listen to #LDSConf Talks, Podcasts or an Audio Book while I exercise, on the treadmill or do chores.
  6. Post (or even Play) on Social Media while walking on the treadmill, I like to throw in some 1-minute bursts of running to get my heart pumping. You could technically also, call a sister-in-law (mine called me once while on her treadmill walk, I even hopped on mine, what a great idea!) Reply to emails or text messages or brainstorm ideas for your content calendar, you can do a lot on a treadmill. The Hubs even has a treadmill desk, which he loves!
  7. Put a load of Laundry into the wash when I first leave my bedroom in the morning. Then before I leave the house to drop off the 3rd grader I throw it in the dryer! Later on... reward myself by watching a show or just listening to more of my fave thing, while I fold and put it away, but usually, it just ends up in a pile on the bed because I always forget to "reward" myself. LOL
  8. See how many SQUATS I can do while waiting for the microwave to finish!
  9. Finish a task before replying to a text or email. This one is so hard...I like to reply ASAP, but the dishes are quick so it motivates me to finish faster so I can reply to my friend.
  10. I put everything on the CALENDAR, including and especially travel time.
  11. Clocks & Timers in every room, keeps me focused on my schedule. Egg timers are my fave, get one from the dollar, it's the ticking sound that keeps me going, others find it annoying. LOL
  12. I buy bagged salads, no shame here. It's called Meal Prep! ;) They save me chopping, cutting, mixing, choosing and all of that time. Just grab and go! Perfect for the Hub's lunches too. I'm a procrastinator who wants to eat healthily, so I don't have time for other types of salad.
  13. Paint your nails before reading your scriptures, this gives them plenty of time to dry because you aren't up doing chores or anything else. Just be careful with the way you hold your pen when taking notes. ;) I try to do it for an hour so that's plenty of dry time for me.
  14. Call loved ones or text a friend (if you're not driving) and see how they are doing while on the road, my friend always calls me while driving because she can't reply via text. #Wise
  15. We listen to learning songs while doing chores or playing with my 4yr old. Makes putting the clothes away a whole lot more fun! (Search YouTube for learning songs appropriate for your Child's age, or if it's just for you then search for something you want to learn more about or listen to what I believe is the most awesome audiobook, The Book of Mormon! Download the zip file here.)
  16. I hire a neighbor girl to do my dishes for $5 every once in a while. Yeah, Yeah, I'm Wonder Woman, Super Girl and all the superheroes combined, but even they need a side-kick every now and then so there's no shame in hiring a neighbor friend to help with the dishes. Plus then that frees me up to play with my kids, do a different chore, work, or sometimes just chat with your neighbor cause she is fun to talk to while she is doing your dishes and you can help dry them and put them away, we all know doing things with friends is more fun anyways. 
  17. I set a crock pot with some frozen chicken and water (with a little salt) on high or low first thing in the morning. Then at lunch or dinner, I'll have boiled chicken ready to shred for a salad for lunch, cheese and chicken quesadilla for the kids or for my tacos for dinner. Who can't use shredded chicken? great for all recipes! More protein power!
  18. We pay babysitters $1 more per hour if the dishes are done and the house is picked up. They can easily do this after the kids go to bed (they have like 2 hours of no kid time), I don't pay for couch potatoes or social media binge-watchers, I pay for productivity and efficiency. The choice is still theirs but it works! My standard sitters will be moving soon and I'm so sad about that! Side note: Our go-to sitters will be moving soon and I'm so sad about that. :'(
  19. Send postcards for Christmas Cards, saves on stamps and stuffing envelopes. Wish I would have followed my own advice on this one, I've done postcards before but Walmart just doesn't design & print postcards and I was feeling lazy and wanted to just pick a predesigned Christmas card layout.
  20. Whenever we need to make cookies or baking a dessert, I'll get the dough ready, throw it in the oven while I go and shower to get ready, that way it's nice and warm even when we just got there. Yes...apparently I need lots of excuses to get ready faster than normal, so I tend to cook while I shower and gret ready. LOL
  21. Shop for Groceries Online while watching a show on Netflix and schedule to pick it up on your way home from dropping a child off at School or on your way home from the gym. Whatever works! Walmart online grocery is my fave, if I can get my meal plan ready. Get $10 off your first order by clicking this link. 
  22. BONUS: Pull-up bar in my bathroom. Every time I need to get ready or even just go in there for something I try and do a couple pull-ups. I'm not super consistent otherwise I'd be able to do them. LOL, It's just nice to have it there, whenever I have 1 minute, to keep my arms from being too flabby. ;) 
What are your fave tried and true techniques to procrastinate on purpose? 

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