New Wolf Required Adventures Checklist

This is a list of the minimum required to complete your cub's Wolf with checkboxes and full details on each item, all in one place. Download the PDF below!

I need the FULL details not just letters and numbers, of what my cubs need to finish in one place. Because I'm the queen of getting distracted, I honestly didn't want to have to go on to or crack open the book or manual just to check the exact details to complete each requirement. We all know where I'd end up. ;) So TA-DA! This just makes cub scouts easier for me and I need simplicity!

Note: I was a Cub Master when I designed this and used it for my Wolf Den when my responsibilities changed. Needless to say my son received his Wolf badge wayyyyyyy early about 5 months before his birthday. He is pretty awesome and I didn't have to do much he just kept checking the list. My other Cubs in the Wolf dens have earned their Wolf Badge before their birthdays because as a Leader I was able to quickly see what they had left and message their parents to give them homework or just ask them questions about what they did with their families. If you can see what they need to complete their requirements, it makes life easier as a parent and leader to check off the list.

FYI: I went through the NEW advancement modifications list from the changes made in 2016 and created this, using that way huge document from the BSA found here. So you're welcome! ;)

Download Google Drive PDF below!

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