15 Young Women Birthday Ideas & Unity Printable

Some things I really loved to do when I was serving the young women (12-18yr old girls) of our ward (LDS congregation) was to go to the Temple every Tuesday and get them some Donuts from Day Light Donuts on our way home. (Yes, it was a straight-up bribe!) The girls also loved to decorate doors for birthdays. How I miss being with them so much! These were "extra" get-togethers or meetings added in whenever there was a Tuesday and a birthday. I'll be honest some of your leaders will be opposed to this and others will be obsessed with it. There's always going to be opposition to awesome righteous ideas! But it is true, we already get to be with them twice a week, why add a third (Tuesdays at 5am) and super early too, however, depending on the month the birthday decorating could get crazy or CRAZY AWESOME!! However, you want to look at it. The girls loved it and I LOVED it! I don't have daughters so they will always be MY girls.

Serving young women almost every day, being with them twice a week or more, going on campouts, hosting events, planning overnighters, teaching lessons, going to conferences, playing games, praying for them and thinking about them 24/7 is exhausting but also a completely AMAZING blessing. They are so dang easy to love.

You'd think being together so much would just naturally unite people and make them all BFFs. On the contrary, the youth these days are surrounded by their peers, have tons of "likes" on their pics, have a lot of "followers" on social media and STILL feel all alone and as if they have no friends. Super sad!

Adding our "non-required" Temple Tuesdays and Door Decorating to the mix of things blessed the girls who were serving to love and think of someone other than themselves and blessed the Birthday gal by helping her to feel loved on her special day. Sometimes we'd make Beehive door decor or even draw out Prince Philip and laminate him too. LOL. I think Amanda still has that one.

15 Young Women Door Decorating / Birthday Ideas:

A friend of mine who is currently serving as Stake Young Women's President asked me to design this. I just had to share it.

The quote included in the printable is: 

"And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another."
Scripture used is Mosiah 18:21 

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