18 Textable Conversation Starters

Get 18 Free Conversation Starter Memes here, right now! (Skip the read, I actually don't like to read either, I fall asleep reading to my own kids.)

Remember the days when you'd have to stand around in a line for what seemed like F O R E V E R R R R R R, just to get on a ride that was less than 1 minute long, sometimes it would take longer but the good ones were super fast. LOL How did these places get so popular when that kind of customer service would be considered outrageous and ridiculous!

My family would play "waiting in line" games like...
  • I spy: Spot something nearby and others must look around and try to guess what it is you "spied."
  • Words with ending letter: You say a word like,"Summer" and someone after you needs to say a word that starts with the last letter "Rainbow" then "Wind" and so on. You get it, but you had to see how fast you could do it.
  • and others I can't immediately remember.
Well, those days of "bored waiting" and word games in line are over, with technology, I think waiting in line just got a whole lot easier. I don't know about you, but for me, I LOVE waiting, in the grocery store, at stop lights (we shouldn't be texting and driving, because stop lights really aren't very long, but changing podcasts would probs be ok if you can put the phone back in the glove box!), waiting in Dr offices, theme parks, for the bus, for the train, etc...simply because of our little smart phones. You'd think with all this waiting, it would increase my patience, NOPE, I've just found something else to distract myself with. 

I want to get back to those days where we'd talk face to face, where we'd ask each other questions and play games to get to know each other better. When you'd meet complete strangers just because you were spending inordinate amounts of time with them in a line.  

So since we all love waiting now, here's 18 Conversation Starter Memes to spark the convo with your kids, friends, fam and even the stranger next to you in the same line! Whether you're at the theme park or maybe even the carwash, we hope you enjoy these.

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18 Conversation Starter Memes 

Just save these pics to your phone and send them away! See where the convo takes you and hope waiting just became that much easier for you too.
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Enjoy! Which was your fave answer you've gotten from your loved ones?

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