Designing Screenshots for your App

When you have a goal, you want to meet that goal no matter what! I'd waited long enough, it was time to do it. It was my birthday eve and I needed to finish this goal for me, couldn't let another day go by without actively working on it.

We've all seen those apps with awesome and enticing screenshots which just make you wish you had the app. First impressions are everything, and I didn't have any more time. So, I tried Canva and Photoshop, and I was just not feeling it. I was tired from having fun with the fam, plus also working with my developer all day to make sure he could get me the files I needed, then the myriad of steps and hoops to jump just to publish this app. I was going on several hours now sitting at my computer and I was sooooo close, I could feel it, but also just wanted to quit all at the same time. Why did I want to do this anyways?

Seriously, I couldn't let those thoughts creep in, I had to now...I was committed, I just couldn't drop it. It was a tool I've been dreaming of, one I've needed, and I know others need it too. So I pressed on. I closed my Adobe Photoshop and Canva windows and just went back to the drawing board with the screenshots. I did a google search for cool App screenshots (like any new App developer would do) and after testing a few, which I honestly can't remember which those were now, won!

They were pretty easy to use. Honestly, the only thing that bugs me was the order in which you had to upload your screenshot images. If you didn't upload them in the order you want them, just perfectly, you'd have to delete them and start over because there was no way to upload a new screenshot in the place of an old one.

Other than that, it was a gem to work with and totally worth the $29 for PRO access. You can use it for free to just test it out and then you'll see you need the PRO. ;) At this point remember, I just wanted to go to bed. One of the last things I needed before I could submit the app to the iTunes App Store and Google Play. I had my description,  price, and details, just no images. So I had to finish them.

Be sure you have these things ready:

  • Screenshots of your App in action at various steps.
  • Text to go with each screenshot.
  • Color Hex Codes if you need specific background colors.
  • Background Image if you don't like their options. 

Here are some samples of the Social Spinner App BEFORE screenshots, because it was so hard to decide.

We, of course, went with the Black background to match the theme of the App. And I think the simplicity of it really helps with not distracting you from your purpose which is to give you ideas for content to post.

Have you tried any other App Screenshot Makers? Where are you in your App process. How can I help?