Social Media Post Idea: 1 #ThrowBackThursday

Social Media Post Idea 💡: 1
"Remember a #ThrowbackThursday using a JPG to share on Instagram."

Did you know?: We started using #ThrowbackThursday more regularly around Feb 2012, now there are over 40 million pictures tagged with #TBT on Instagram & 23 million with #ThrowbackThursday. We apparently like to post nostalgic pics of the past and use those hashtags. Throwback Thursday is one of the most used hashtags ever, but not everyone knows how to use it.

How to #TBT:
People want to see a different era of your life, not a month ago and not too many.

  1. ✅Pic/Vid from different era preferably from your old shoebox.
  2. ✅Use the holiday/theme of the month as inspiration to keep it relevant and fun.
  3. ✅Only 1-3 pics per month, please!

Can’t wait to see you when you were 13 with braces. 😉

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