Social Media Post Idea 3: Facebook Stories

Social Media Post Idea πŸ’‘: 3
“Share a Product Coupon ✂️or Special through your πŸŽ₯ Stories to Share on @facebook.”
Happy 1 year anniversary Facebook Stories!

What are Facebook Stories?

"Stories are short user-generated photo or 20-second video collections that can be uploaded to the user's Facebook." - @wikipedia

Where are these "Stories" you're talking about?

Buffer says it beautifully, "Content shared to stories will appear at the top of the Facebook News Feed. To view a story, simply tap a friends’ circle at the top of the app."

Instagram Stories vs Facebook Stories

Instagram has Stories too, the main difference are the filters. Instagram lets you add stickers after a photo or video has been taken, Facebook lets you add an animated filter or border before you begin recording.

Marketing Time Saver Tip ⏰

What I love about Instagram Stories is, they can be added to my Facebook Stories right from the Instagram App (as long as my Facebook Page has been linked to my Instagram account, do that first in your "Linked Account" settings area of Instagram).

You don't have to record 2 separate stories or videos because they can be posted at the same time to get your whole audience at once. Some peeps may not agree with me on that, but hey, I’m all about time-saving! Later on we will talk about different goals for different platforms but for now... getting your content out there is what matters first.

✅Remember, no matter the platform, share something engaging, while you look & sound like Bambi 🌸 from Disney, give your audience a REAL reason to stick around!

Have you tried Facebook Stories yet? How did you use it last?

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