Social Media Post Tip: Too much Posting?

Is there such thing as too much posting?

Some peeps like @impactbnd & @readersdigest think so.

But let's be honest, if you're putting content out there that's helpful, inspiring, awesome and useful, who's going to complain? RIGHT?

Been reading and learning from @grantcardone, I really love his philosophy of working and being obsessed with life. So glad my brother recommended one of his books to me. 📚 It's such a quick read.

In chapter twenty-one of "Sell or be Sold," Grant talks about being in "Public relations (P.R.) obscurity (not having a social media presence is worse than having no money💵) you have got to make yourself known to as many people as possible and on as many platforms as possible in today's world full of PR noise."

Then in his other book "Be Obsessed or Be Average" he says, "When @periscope_app and @facebook’s video-streaming service launched, I immediately downloaded the Apps. I started streaming live to people every day whom I didn't even know and who didn't yet know me... Within 3 months I was among the top 5 streamers in the world." 💪

Well, don't we wish we would have taken that approach instead of the "too shy to be on camera" approach? He gets it done!

✅ Don’t be shy and get yourself out there! They need you.