Winegar IVF Journey Round 2: Thoughts Before IVF Transfer

Tomorrow is Embryo 💪Transfer day & we have 3 so far that will go in & see if they grow. 🙏

Last week I shared some thoughts about our infertility journey at the pulpit. It being #FastandTestimony Sunday. Our congregation invites whomever wants to share what they know about Jesus Christ to share. So I went up and talked about how 2 sided struggling with infertility really is for us. On the one hand we are so grateful and blessed to have our boys & on the other hand we still want to grow our family. Satan is always trying to get in our heads and tell us to give up & quit and just not keep trying because we should just be happy with what we have. We waited 7yrs for our first, did 4 IUIs in 4+yrs for our 2nd and so grateful they came & then, 5 IUI’s and 1 IVF cycle in another 4yrs and doing our 2nd round now. So it has felt like that’s all we do & think about, so you can just imagine what other thoughts we may have had. This will be our last IVF cycle so whatever happens, it’s in the Lord’s hands and really it always has been, we aren’t “playing God” by doing IVF we are praying to Him to bless us through these many people and efforts. This tech is available to us #BecauseofHim. God is in the tiniest details of our lives especially these details. But you know what... wanting to have a family or grow your family IS a righteous desire! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I liken it to the Lord hastening His work. This passed #LDSConf the Prophet announced changes to help us hasten the Lord’s work! 🙌 No one says, He should just quit & come down already, don’t we have enough peeps? Nope, in fact, He is hastening His work to bring more people into His family. So not today satan! We will continue to desire to grow our family and we are going to go through with this and we will see what the Lord has in store for us this round. We won’t “give up” this might be our last IVF (it is seriously so expensive and for other reasons, we don’t have time or space to list) but we will keep that desire in our hearts forever, for sure until heaven like Elder Holland says. We are blessed beyond measure! #WinegarSabbathSelfie #IVFJourney #WinegarIVF2
Matching boy ties @seagullbook

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