Winegar IVF Journey Round 2: After Embryo Transfer

Does this dress make me look pregnant? šŸ˜‰ Cause officially I actually am, a whole 1/2 day pregnant that is and now I’m on bed rest for 3 days straight and then super low activity for the next 2 weeks.
The Hubs and kids are being so amazing!!! ❤️ Now to just keep this little embryo alive and growing will be the challenge. It's in the Lord's hands!

I had no idea what to wear for Embryo Transfer day! Definitely didn’t want something tight in the abdomen. šŸ˜¬ So, I immediately went with this super cozy one AND it has POCKETS!!! Pockets are a must! Who knows maybe I’ll wear this every day!

Dress: @seagullbook their @sweet_salt_clothing line.
Shoes: @targetstyle #targetmademedoit

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