Winegar IVF Journey Round 2: Embryo Transfer

So these are 4.

Wish I had focused more in science and biology. Totally had the embryologist explain all of this to me and I still don't get it all the way. So just look up "IVF Embryo Transfer Progression" and you'll see more info on it if you need it. The one on the right didn’t work. The one toward the middle top is the one that worked and was transferred and the other bottom left ones didn’t turn out to have developed as much as the one so those weren’t transferred. So just 1 and now I rest and it’s in the Lord’s hands now. 🙏We find out in 12 days or so if it worked and how we are doing. Going to be a long 12 days without chocolate. 😬

I don't know why chocolate is so bad. It makes me happy so I thought we wanted happy babies. LOL. With my other 2 I ate chocolate constantly to be sure they never got to be lactose intolerant, and they aren't so that's a win and they were happy babies. So I guess this one might end up being a grumpy baby because I NEED chocolate. My grandma calls M&Ms her sewing pills, I NEED by bed rest pills. I know it will be worth it so I'll listen to the Dr.

Also, when they show us the little embryos through the microscope in a dark room, it's actually quite miraculous. That is a Holy Place! You can feel this is no joke and you are in the work of creation with God. It's ultimately in His hands but it is through these steps that He creates life. Whether in the petri dish or in our bodies, it all starts here. The ICSI process has got to be so delicate, I can't even imagine it, such precision and patience. Then to see them grow, just a miracle! This is how all babies start. I'm so grateful we get to use this technology that is available to us. It has been such a blessing to see what it really takes to start a life. I'm excited to see it grow. We are praying so earnestly!

Have you ever had this done? what did you do during bed rest? Tell me cause I need ideas!
I am currently typing on the floor laying down with a pillow and some beanbag chairs propping me up just a slight bit and it's pretty hilarious. I'll have to show ya! I guess it's ok cause I'm laying down and typing. The things I didn't know I could do. Rooting for Bumpy #3!

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