Kids Book of Mormon Reading Chart: 1st Nephi

In our home, we love the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ and the strength, protection, and love we feel from just reading from its pages is tangible. For the longest time, I've wanted to have a Verse by Verse reading chart for my kids to cross off. I love anything in list form and charts are so amazing! So I think they'd love it too! There's nothing out there, and well I now know why because it's kind of crazy how big that chart needs to be.

Pres. Monson says, "When performance is measured, performance improves."

So as we track and measure our reading we can get our kids excited about reading once again and after they finish, they can look at how small and simple acts of faith like reading a verse a day can help them and how it also can accomplish a great thing. Designed one and my 4yr old loves it so much already! I was going to make it fancy but then I would have delayed even longer so here it is nice and raw. He will remind me that he needs to read. We read a verse a day, and well, sometimes we have slacked off, but don't we all? I'm just grateful he still has a desire to read and strengthen his armor. He is so wise for his little self!

Download the Book of Mormon Verse by Verse Chart: 1 Nephi PDF here! 

It's to help you read The Book of Mormon Verse by Verse, for Kids or anyone else really. I made it with my little guys in mind but I can see so many applications for it. God speed!
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