My 19 Anti-Responsibility List

I love this great speech by Elder Lynn G Robbins, this one is for the chatbooks!

As an entrepreneur of faith this quote and several others really resonated with me for one reason or another. But for the purposes of this post I just wanted to focus on this one quote and our list:
"A determined man finds a way; the other man finds an excuse." - David B Haight
Quoted by Elder Lynn G Robbins in a BYU Devotional on Aug. 22, 2017. It's titled, "Be 100 Percent Responsible" Click below to watch/read/listen to the whole talk! Or go to the BYU Speeches Podcast to listen to it at double speed. ;) Cause as good as it is, it's a good 47:46 min. 
BYU Speeches Transcript | Podcast

He spoke about how excuses keep us from taking control of our lives. When we make an excuse we lose control over the positive outcomes of our lives. How many times do I blame others? He provided an Anti-Responsibility list which is gold and can be applied to life & business! They have scriptures which go with them because I love the scriptures and we can learn from them, plus he included them and I thought that was perfect.


This list isn’t all-inclusive, but I believe it covers Satan's most common tactics.

  1. Blaming others (see 1 Samuel 15:21).
  2. Rationalizing or justifying: (1 Samuel 15:21; see also verse 22).
  3. Making excuses: (1 Nephi 3:31).
  4. Minimalizing or trivializing sin: (see Alma 1:3–4).
  5. Hiding: (see Moses 4:14).
  6. Covering up: (see 2 Samuel 12:9, 12).
  7. Fleeing from responsibility: (see Jonah 1:3).
  8. Abandoning responsibility: (see Alma 39:3).
  9. Denying or lying: (1 Samuel 15:13–14).
  10. Rebelling: (1 Samuel 15:23).
  11. Complaining and murmuring:  (Numbers 14:2).
  12. Finding fault and getting angry: (1 Nephi 3:28).
  13. Making demands and entitlements: (1 Nephi 18:10–11).
  14. Doubting, losing hope, giving up, and quitting: (1 Nephi 17:17–18).
  15. Indulging in self-pity and a victim ­mentality: (1 Nephi 17:21).
  16. Being indecisive or being in a spiritual ­stupor: "The irony with indecision is that if you don’t make a decision in time, time will make a decision for you." LOVE THIS ONE TOO!!
  17. Procrastinating: A twin of indecision is ­procrastination. (Helaman 13:38).
  18. Allowing fear to rule: This one is also related to hiding: (Matthew 25:25–26).
  19. Enabling: (1 Samuel 2:29; see also verses 22–36).
How many of you have used one or more of these excuses?
In all honesty my go-to excuses are: 2,3,11,12,14,17,18 & probably the rest of them. LOL But NO MORE! I'm going to use his tips and apply them into my life, then slowly but surely I'll become who I am meant to become, this fierce disciple-entrepreneur of Christ

"If others are at fault and need to change before further progress is made, then you are at their mercy and they are in control over the positive outcomes or desired results in your life. Agency and responsibility are inseparably connected. You cannot avoid responsibility without also diminishing agency. 
"The day a person eliminates the list from their life is the day they regain control over positive outcomes from that point on, and they begin moving forward in the light at an accelerated pace (see D&C 50:24)."

Seriously though go and check out his whole speech it was magnificent and taught me a lot about how to run a business, be a better boss by allowing others to be accountable and also be accountable in my own life.

Quoted by Elder Lynn G Robbins in a BYU Devotional on Aug. 22, 2017. It's titled, "Be 100 Percent Responsible" Click below to watch/read/listen to the whole talk! Or go to the BYU Speeches Podcast 47:46 min. 

BYU Speeches Transcript | Podcast