How many sisters do you Visit Teach?

*Knock. Knock. Knock.* [DOOR OPENS] "Hi...they told me to come and be your friend, do you need another needy person in your life to bug you once a month?" Yes, that's totally crazy if I think of Ministering (previously known as Visiting Teaching) in that way. LOL

“What does ministering look like? ... It looks like becoming part of someone’s life and caring about him or her.” —Sister Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society General President

Took this poll over 5 yrs ago and these were the results!
However, I am trying to think of Ministering (previously known as Visiting Teaching) in this way. Have you ever known 2 friends who you thought would get along really well and who you thought for sure, you need to get those peeps together because they will be such great friends? Or even been a matchmaker in your fam or with some friends and tried to hook up a friend with another friend, cause you thought they would make such a cute couple? The Lord is the ultimate matchmaker and friend maker. He knows us! So, I imagine He's up there thinking...

"Oh wow....if Linda and Alicia could be friends, and get passed the weird awkward stage, they will really love to hang out with each other and talk about things, laugh and cry together, they will be able to really bless each other's lives like no one else can."

Fast forward 10 yrs later, and I still get to Minister (previously known as Visit Teach) to Alicia and boy do I sure love that inspirational courageous woman who has been through the ringer and back, who is full of light and love and makes me a better person. Who's been there to lift me up when I was down. Only the Lord could have paired us up! The Lord knows each of us, He could come down and introduce us one to another and to sit and tell us how we can bless the lives of sisters He's asked us to Minister to, He could invite us to His party and have us play games together or get us to serve together in church.

Instead, He lovingly gives us our assignments through our Relief Society Presidency, prompts us through the Spirit and sets us free to use our agency, our abilities and talents to be able to reach out to those sisters on our very own, to help us grow and expand our capacity to love, to find the reason why the Lord maybe thought "we just had to meet" and to help us become more like Him in the process. He's given us His example of Ministering and knows we are capable of doing the same for those around us, teaching others, sharing with them things that bring us joy, walking with them, talking with them, listening to them, and blessing them together with other friends too.

So grateful for this inspired program as part of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the largest organization of women and girls on the planet! I love that we get to watch out for one another in an organized fashion because the Lord wouldn't leave anyone behind.