Social Media Fast? Not Again!

Honestly, I think it's time to go to Mexico again, that's when I did the last social media fast. It was really easy then. Also, how many of these do we need? LOL

As for the Social Media Fast, that's hard! Last time (June 3rd) it took me 3 months to follow the Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, President Russell M Nelson. He challenged the “youth” to have a 7 day #BreakfromFake #SocialMediaFast. I tried to justify, he wasn’t talking to me, but I did follow, though late.👣 Read how that social media fast didn't "apply to me."

So on Sunday, a day late, I #followtheprophet because this time he was talking about me and to me when he said last night:

“My dear sisters, we need you! We ‘need your strength, your conversion, your conviction, your ability to lead, your wisdom, and your voices. We simply cannot gather Israel without you.”

Did you see his face when he said he loved us? I felt the Savior’s love through him. ❤️

I don't want to be slow to obey this time, I feel like there are also blessings for immediate obedience.
That being said, when we do obey there are blessings reserved for us when we finally choose to do it on our own. Last time he did say to the youth "plan for" a 7 day fast. The word plan didn't mean to leave things unfinished if we had responsibilities but that we could plan for it when we were able to do it. Some people use it for work! So I like "planning" being mentioned. This time I did have unfinished posts and things I needed to do for "work," PTA & even my personal journal, but I just dropped it all (after designing these cute images of course) and obeyed! Let's just say I did get creative with other scheduling apps to post 3 things my PTA needed me to do, of course on the very first day of the social media fast. LOL

So today I start the 86 (or 85) day #BookofMormonChallenge & a #BreakFromFake #SocialMediaFast for 10 days!

Need the Book of Mormon Reading Schedule on your phone or 4x6?